Astra....aaaand I'm back.

  • So I'm the girl who you read for last week with the picture you made of the sun and the solar blasts etc.

    I went out with him that night, after an extra boost of confidence from your reading. It was for a mutual friend's party, but I texted him directly to go and we met up etc etc. At the end of the night, before he went on the train, I made sure to pointedly say "I only came out to see you," which was received warmly. And that was the last thing that was said. Aaaaaand now it's been seven days since I've heard from him (unsurprised I guess). Aaaaand, I refuse to contact him first (or I guess at all. My thoughts without tarot cards are, move on because if he was into me, he'd have contacted me, but I figured since his circumstances are a tad unique, I would ask you to do one more spread to see what his general thoughts are on me. I feel guilty asking you and not paying you! You should set up a paypal website!

    Thank you so much.


  • Hi bluelyric7

    I drew the High Priestess which tells me your intuitions are correct about this man. You are doing the right thing, let it rest.

    Eight of Cups - He is moving away emotionally, it may simply not be the right moment for you and him.

    And the Hanged Man - yeah, he is dealing with some of his own issues and life challenges, and is sensing that pursuing something with you is not appropriate right now.

    You are on the right path, keep following your gut. Very wise.

    And thanks for the tip on the paypal thing I may check into that, I am at a point where that could be good. I have waited on taking that step. Thanks so much.

    Love and light


  • Thanks Astra.

    Depressing. Is there any way to tell whether he'll come back into my life again in the future?

    Also, you move to pay pal and get a website, you let me know!

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