Astra Angel may I get a reading please?

  • I know you are really busy, however, I have heard really amazing complements from my friend about you. I would like to know about my love relationship.I have not heard from him for a while. His name is Alireza.Thank you so much for your time.

  • Dear ghazaal

    Certainly, let's see what is going on.

    Four of Coins - well, this at least gives us somewhere to start. A material connection you shared, and it was foundational. This indicates something very physical.

    Queen of Coins - this is you. You are a very physical person, very tender, very close, very much love to touch and be close, and feel his warmth against you. This Queen also is at the fulfillment of physical in other words, the physical served a purpose and then... something has to change...

    Nine of Wands - a time where pain enters the relationship, something causes the pain or it is remembered pain, and then there is a valiant effort to stand together, and keep the pattern continuing as best you can.

    Seven of Wands - there are fights, mostly within yourself. A struggle to understand one another, and what is going on...

    And the Ace of Wands - and it becomes a crucible of fire, very intense, the relationship is tested. This is something new that was unexpected.

    And the Ace of Cups - so another Ace. Something is beginning, or something is starting over...

    Five of Wands - okay, so now there is some conflict and it is spiritual in nature, your wires are crossed. What was the ACE OF CUPS all about. I think that during this time while the relationship is changing there is a strong effort to try again, try again i keep hearing, a fresh start, it is desperate.

    Eight of Swords and the Ten of swords - ouch - now the relationship is over (you think) - there is nothing now except mental imprisonment and pain, this feels like where matters are at now... very, very painful, a lot of tears, you felt like you lost your equal...

    The Sun - the Sun says hang in there hang in there hang in there hang in there hang in there hang in there hang in there hang in there hang in there hang in there hang in there hang in there hang in there hang in there hang in there hang in there hang in there hang in there

    You have something good coming again, I believe with him, yes, I will say he is your twin flame. He is your other half... and the separation is part of the journey, it is the chrysalis...

    Together, you are a butterfly, You and him are still together. He is there with you right now... in the air... in your heart... this phase is required...The Sun says you have good news coming... he is your angel.


    Very good news indeed for you and Alireza. Keep in prayer, read Psalms and Proverbs, or whatever books that minister spirit to you... and be at peace, Heaven has you safely in Her arms. you are doing well, keep going as you are... I am praying for you. Hold on to your faith and trust.

    Don't give up on your heart, and your feelings for him. He is needing you to BELIEVE.

    Peace and love


  • Thank you so much Astra Angel. You are amazing. Even thogh you did not tell me what I wanted to hear, however, what you said is the reality of the issue that I think I am just fighting to accept. I know deep down I love him, even though I may say I don't wnat him to come back to my life as much as he hurt me emotionally. But what i don't know is if he loves me or ever loved me at all? I like to know is he even thinking about me and about coming back to me or not? Would you please haelp me claer this in my mind? Thank you.


  • ghazaal

    Okay, I'll take a look and see what comes up for you...

    Does he love me or has he ever loved me at all? Knight of Pentacles

    This is not a love card. He is the Knight and this feels more physical than anything else.

    Has he eve loved you? Four of Swords... again this card is not a "I am gushing all over you in love." I am trying to see the silver lining here, its a challenge.

    Is he even thinking about me?

    The Star = Yes he is hoping something could get started again.

    and thinking about coming back to me or not?

    Temperance = this shows him pondering something, however it is very restrained and moderated thoughts about you.

    Six of pentacles = again, a material focus though. I think he is interested in something physical with you at this time and I am not getting a lot beyond that.

    I still see all of this as the current situation with him and the energies as they stand now... we saw some signs of hope in the first reading.

    Advice for you, take care of yourself, pray and wish nice things his way, read Psalms and Proverbs, and focus on your own talents and the gifts you possess.



  • Dear Astra,

    With all respect to your limited time I came back here in this forum to tell you, even though I had no believe in us getting back together, and as you said: I thought we were done done, we got back together, a new start as good friends. I love it. Thank you so much for all the support. I have a new question now. I am in school and have lost my confidence due to a bad failure in past. I want to graduate, however, and am studying soooooo hard as I am working full time in a very hostile and negative environment. Do you see my near future (within the next 4 months) of study and my job being easy to manage? do you see me being easily successful in my degree, and especially in my first exam that is coming tomorrow? Thank you.

    Best regards,


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