To TheCaptain

  • Hi TheCaptain I decided to let go of Ed. and try for my marriage to work out, but Im suspecting that my husband (dob 9/9/1972) found a `friend' and that he already did this a few years ago cuse his behavior is the same as before, Im feeling so dumb cuse I choosed not to be happy to make him happy and now this, when we decided to give it a try.Can you tell me what you see.

    thank you

  • The two of you will go on hurting each other until you make a final decision to divorce. It will not get better since neither of you have the will to try any harder to save the marriage. You only cling to each other because you fear change and being alone.

  • Thank you, I must tell that I already made my decision, Im getting a divorce not as soon as I want cuse I need to take care of a few things first, but Im ready to move on and he have to deal with it. I am very tired of trying and see that he doesnt make an effort, its pointless.

  • I hope all goes well for you!

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