Astra Angel...confused and disappointed

  • Yummy,

    I understand the about feeling bad about missing work. Even when you are not happy in your job the old work ethic kicks in. I am actually off today too. There has been a nasty head cold going around which I have managed to avoid, until now. I don't usually get sick but here I am. Normally I wouldn't worry about it but I just missed a week because of my surgery. Oh well. No point going to work and making everyone else sick. It sounds to me like you are ready for a new job. I hope you do get that interview. Perhaps a new job will be uplifting.

    Being sick is doubly frustrating cos I have a date with Aquaman tonight. Right after I wrote last he texted, of course, and asked if he could take me to dinner on Friday night. That is a bit of a switch. Usually he asks if i am free to hang out or if I want to take in a movie. This just seemed a bit more "date like" in his phrasing. See how I read into every little thing. Anyway, now I will most likely cancel 😞 I will give it a bit of time and see if I am feeling better later. There is nothing romantic about a runny nose!

    No word from Gem man huh? Be careful with the phone number thing. I took aquaman's name and number out of my phone too. then I was texting with a friend, back and forth all day. typically her texts come in 2 or 3 at a time. I got 2 and her name was on the first one so I thought they were both for her, I read them and the 2nd one asked how I was and said she was thinking about me. Well it turns out it was not her, it was aquarman. this was during the breakup and I had not heard from him for 8 weeks at that point. I wrote back, thinking it was her " Doing okay just the same old bs that gets me down now and then. Maybe I'll be happier in my next life" After I sent it and saw the phone number I realized that it was his number. LOL! I wrote right away and told him that message was not for him. he wrote back and suggested that we get together and talk about my next life! It was pretty funny. That was the beginning of our more regular contact though. so watch those phone numbers carefully. You never know who is on the other end of that text message!

    Time to get moving. hope you work days go better then expected.


  • Yo Sadsag, how cr@p is that being ill when he's invited you out to dinner. Were you well enough to attend? If so, hope you had a wild, romantic evening. It seems this guy doesn't know what he wants and it's not fair on you. Reckon next time you meet you should casually chat about some guy you're keen on or invent a date and see his reaction. Might be worth a shot to give him that kick up the @ss he sooooooooo deserves. If you're anything like me you have NO patience whatsoever so I think you're doing pretty well.

    Back to work tomorrow (our weeks begin on Sunday in the Middle East) and we'll see how the atmosphere transpires but at this moment I'm ready to take no prisoners and am teetering on the edge of giving a finger and telling them to stuff it!! Unfortunately I do tend to react in a reckless manner and digest the consequences after the event. Am a pretty fiery woman - that's probably why I'm still single 😉

    My Gem guy not still contacted me and it's a week yesterday so probably safe to say he's gone into the ether somewhere. Ah well, his loss and possibly my gain. Am surprised at how flippant I am about it as he did tick all the boxes and I've waited many years to meet someone who made me feel how he did. Feels good that I'm not hankering over him and wasting my time. He could have had everything but he's blown it and I'm not sticking around to be messed around by an immature bloody head player. Am still 18 in my heart but when it comes to relationships I don't mess about. Believe in treating people fairly and honestly just as I expect to be treated in return.

    Stay safe Sadsag and look forward to our next encounter.

    Let me know if you'd like my msn or email so we can keep in better touch.

    YB x

  • Yummy,

    I did go on my date. I took a long nap and then it started raining. I think the rain must have washed some of the pollen out of the air and I got a break. We had a really nice dinner out and then back to his house. That is becoming a pattern that I need to break. Back when we were really dating we hung out at his house way more than mine because I have a roommate. then it was for privacy but now it is because my roommate is really not happy that I am seeing him again. I just don't feel like dealing with her negative attitude so we just stay away from my house for now. Any way we got all snuggled in and cozy on the couch and promptly fell asleep. LOL, it is jut like the old days. Eventually I got up and went home. he wanted me to stay of course but I declined. Good thing since I woke up the next day to find my son sleeping on my couch. I did not know he was coming home last weekend. he came to help his brother move. It was lovely to see him and I am glad that I was home when he came in during the night.

    You are right, I am not really very patient about things like this. I really need to just have a talk with him and see what he is feeling. Everyday i tell myself that is what I am going to do and then i don't. i just keep putting it off because I think he will say he still does not really see a future for us. If that is the case then I will have to tell him that we need to not see each other. i don't want to be his friend with benefits and so i think we will have to not see each other at all. the physical attraction between us is strong and so we will eventually always get back to that. I am just being a chicken about it because I like being with him and I am not really interested in seeing anyone else. On the other hand I don't want to spend years hanging out with him just to have him walk away later. Such a dilemma. I have never really been in this position before. In the past either they walk and don't look back, or I am really done and I know it so leaving is not that hard. This time I will have to walk away from something/someone that I really like and want to be with. I am finding that I am not really very strong after all.

    I am sorry that you have not heard from Gem man. It is sad if he is someone who you were really interested in. On the other hand, (and i hate it when people tell me this), better so see his true colors now. it is no surprise that you are fiery. You are a sag after all! i hope that your work week is going okay. It is no fun when work is the last place that you want to be , although that is not so unusual. i don't hate my job, I just would rather be doing other thing. alas I have a mortgage to pay so off to work I go.

    So you are working in the middle east. That must be interesting. I am not sure I would want to be there. I don't think middle easterners have much respect for women and so I am not sure I could live with that. I know it is different if you are western but still the attitude is there. I guess i will just stay right here even though we seem to be going backward in terms of women's right these days. Very frustrating!

    No word from aquaman yesterday or today. I'll let you know if there are any new developments.

    take care,


  • Hiya Sadsag, glad you managed to go on your date and had a good time. I agree, it is quite a dilemma for you - do you stay or do you go? Although it will be hard, perhaps adopt the stance of declining his invites. At the moment he knows you're there for him. Reckon it would shake him up a bit, not to mention confuse him if you weren't readily available to meet up with him. Maybe sow the seed of doubt that possibly you may have another man in your life - could be a wake up call for him and realise that he's on the brink of losing you and hopefully the thought terrifies him.

    Must have been lovely to have a surprise visit from your son, I know when that happens to me it gives me a boost.

    Hopefully I have a telephone interview next week regarding a job in Qatar so if that position transpires I shall be on the move again. Yes, the ME is not to everyone's taste but for some reason it's always held this captivation for me and I do enjoy being out here, something adventurous and you know what us Sagi's are like for adventure 😉

    Sadsag, here's my email so we can chat more on a one to one level without the whole world tuning in 😉

    Hope you've heard from Aquaman. Am keeping everything crossed for you.

    Have a great day.

    YB x

  • Yummy,

    I'll send you an email.


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