Time to move on??

  • Hi,

    My name Leah (2/9/84) and I was dating a guy named Richard (2/6/82) for a few months. We've had a couple of falling outs here and there but always managed to get back together. Well, this last time we split was because I felt he was being attentive to me at all. He would he was busy with work. I would like to know from a Psychic point of view if there will be a reunited between us or is it time to move on? Will he try to reach out to me? Thanks in advance for sharing your gift.


  • This relationship is drifting without a direction - neither of you wants to take the lead or make a decision. But you have to decide whether to stay and work harder or split now. You Leah have to do something, be assertive and take action because your partner is not going to do it. If you really feel this is love (do you?), you have to fight for it.

  • Thanks so much, Captain....we havent spoken in about a month, should I initiate communication with him? Would he be responsive?

  • He might not be as responsive as you hoped but you must persevere if you truly want this relationship to work. zotherwise it will just drift apart. It needs a direction - even if you move away from each other. Neither of you is very assertive or pushy so that one of you has to urge the other into a definite decision. Don't let your partner fob you off with the excuse of work - he is merely avoiding making up his mind about you and him. You must force him to sit down and discuss what you both want to do - proceed and become closer or end it.

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