AstraAngel, need your help again x

  • Hey AstraAngel,

    Hope all Is well, You gave me a reading not so long ago and it was amazing, I did finally stop shopping and got into a relationship but it only lasted 2 weeks!.. Im Dissapointed, As I thought It was time to be happy and now I've got myself into another love triangle!...What is going on im so confused?

    Would appreciate your help much hugs and kisses xoxoxoxo

  • Ten of Wands - yeah, you are beating yourself up, weighed down with all of this relationship stuff. Lay it down, let it go.

    Two of Swords - time to pull back, pull away, draw up your swords and enter your own personal peace. Whatever this "triangle" thing is doesn't sound like its helping right now.

    The hermit - I would close yourself off and spend more time with a great person you haven't spoken to in a while, YOU! Go for walks by yourself, spend time in prayer, meditate, read, and let the relationship stuff work its way out in its own good time.

    Ten of Cups - do these things, and LOVE will run you down like a truck, and overtake you and fill your life with a wonderful relationship and blue birds everywhere. Try to "make" some relationship work out, or try to figure it out, or figure this guy, or that guy out... and you will be chasing your own tail and going nowhere.

    Time to relax Angel Girl, pull back, tell these two dudes you found Jesus - and take care of yourself.

    I have prayed that all works out nice for you and calm, soothing energies replace whatever tempest is swirling around you right now.

    Peace and love.

  • Thanks Astra, I agree with you, I need to get my own life back on track, I don't know why I'm in such a rush to find love, Because I'm still only young, I guess I have to let nature take it's course and what's ment to be will be xoxoxoxox

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