Curious about what I should expect

  • Hello, I am kind of new to this, but I would like to receive some feedback about my current situation if I may. I'll try to keep it short and sweet!

    I met a guy who was in the navy, going through flight school, beginning of Sept. We completely hit it off, and were practically inseparable for the following three weeks (many dates, went to one of his good friend's weddings, etc.). My friends loved him and thought he was good for me. Soon found out he would be going two states away, but that it was well worth a shot to see what would happen. I was leery at first, but he reassured me. Everything was fantastic, we kept in touch very frequently and we visited one another and always had a blast together.

    Anyways, towards the end of October he went for some intense flight training called centrifuge. He came back from that and told me that he didn't think a relationship was what he needed at this time in his life and that he needed to make school his priority. He said he wouldn't be able to give me the time that I deserved and it wouldn't be fair. I was upset of course and told him that he knew this would be the course of his career and that I had made the choice to be there with him and see how things went. He had already made his mind up.

    I was devastated and still in shock. It's been a little over two weeks and no word from him, and I have not tried to talk to him. So I guess my question is what should I expect to see from this guy? Will he more than likely reappear, and if so, as a friend or anything more? Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

    Also, I see other people posting this, so if you need the information:

    I'm Libra 9/28/87 born in Pensacola, FL at 0815

    He's Sagittarius 12/10/86 born in Santa Cruz, CA at 1605

  • LibraLady87

    Please make this meeting and brief relationship a memory that you have made and will keep in your heart to look back on in the future. Mr, S did care about you enough to tell you the truth and made a request to be free so that he can concentrate on his chosen field of work. He wants to excell at it and he will.

    He may in the future contact you, but please do not make this man your whole reason for living and Move On now and enjoy your life without him at this time as he will his.

    You will meet another man in the near future that you will not quite have a blast with, but he will grow on you if you allow him to. He will be dark headed and tall with a green thumb is what I m receiving. You will not be alone long.


  • thank you 🙂

  • When men feel an emotional connection on a deep level, they DO tend to back off in order to become more objective. His training in the military is simple common sense. He does not wish to be put into a position of being sent overseas and being killed in action.

    Don't take his response personally. Actually, it was exceptionally kind of him to tell you how he felt.

  • Hello LIbraLady87

    Hello Libralady87 I hope you don't mind me putting my two sense in this. But you know what this man did something that a lot of men would not do. So don't be upset be thankful that he did what he did. You know that you have to go on with your life. Don't sit around and wait for him. Enjoy life. Life is too short. I do understand how you feel but I will tell you go and enjoy your self have one more good cry and start to enjoy yourself.

    Hope this helps some Illona

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