Can i have a relationship reading?

  • Hi

    could anyone do me a relationship reading.

    Emma Leeson


    Ian Harding


  • This relationship will always be involved with ideas and concepts, the acquisition of knowledge through experience. In the sphere of love, neither romance nor pleasure is seen as the be-all and end-all of life. If you two don't feel that your love is a learning experience, you will quickly tire of it. If your relationship is to be fulfilling, challenges must be met, barriers overcome, and development visible. A certain amount of pain, suffering and difficulty is seen as in no way proof that the relationship is a failure - in fact, it is understood as a challenge to grow. This positive atttiude bodes well for both a love affair and marriage. Just make sure you give each other enough space and let up a bit on your demands of each other. It is important that you two are able to get away from each other at times when it becomes necessary to follow your own paths of self-realization and development. Be careful of jealousies over mutual friends and try to present a united front.

  • thank you captain,

    brilliant as always

  • captain can I ask you do you see children in my future?

  • I don't do future predictions as I believe that your free will can change any prediction, and also that it is entirely up to you whether you have children or not. If you really do want them - for their sake, not yours (to keep you company or keep a man with you, etc.) - then you will find a way to do so.

    But is it really children you are asking about?

  • I suppose im just thinking about my future because I feel like its time for me to settle down. Also im very good at messing up relationships and I dont want to mess this one up. He's a good guy, Im finding myself falling for him, this usually means disaster

  • Why do you feel it is time for you to settle down? Are you just following what your family or society tells you is right for you? Have you achieved every goal or dream you have - travel, study, career, etc - because it's the people who get married and have children before they have done everything else they want to do, who end up feeling frustrated and discontented with their lives. Once you are married and have children, individual dreams must be put aside because you will be responsible for other people rather than just yourself.

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