Please can I get a reading, I am in need of guidance, AstraA. or someone

  • Hello all, I would like to get insight through a reading.

    I thought I woundt post problems here for a bit but this has got me not sleeping.

    Well, I am having big problems passing one exam. I dont know that to do any more.

    The prof. is a woman who keeps many people from passing, it is not an issue with just me.

    On my last try her reason for not passing me was " you should have recognized yourr mistake and spoke it out loud" (music exam) on a previous attempt it was something else.

    Please if someone could give me some insight, how should I go about this, anything I could do with comunication to her so that she doesnt block me on my every attempt?

    When will I pass this exam? WIll it be this month maybe? Why am having all this trouble, I dont get it, I try and try and still she finds something , I sometimes do think its personal.

    Thank you on insight

  • fishyOne,

    In some ways it is personal. Sometimes a teacher will see a lot of potential in a student and push them to achive greater heights than they think possible. I believe that is what is going on with this teacher and you. My suggestion and sense here is to tell you to talk to the teacher and ask her what is expected of you to pass the excam ? This way you have a heads up on what is needed to blast through the barrier and win the score that you need to achive a passing grade. Just remember sometimes people are brought into our lives as a challange to us along the way. She is one for you. Respect is what she is after , so speak to her with a positive influence and regard and watch this situation turn itself around in your favor.


  • thank you on your input shuabby

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