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  • Hi everyone; I am new here. I really like this site and look forward to learning a lot. I read the Tarot for the first time two days ago. My quandry is that I am also a devout Christian and belong to a reformed (very conservative) church. How do I reconcile the two? The Bible clearly states that we are not to use divinition, but, although I try to be a "Good" Christian there are other sins that I have committed that the Bible clearly says not to do. Is the Tarot any worst than adultry, lying, stealing, violence, killing people in my heart, lusting in my heart for someone (I don't do most of these things anymore. I am a positive person now)? I do not use the Tarot to try and gain good luck or better karma or to see the future, rather I use it to help gain insite into myself, to gain insite into the lives of others (which I can then use in a positive way to help them), and to gain insite into specific situations and pinpoint possible courses of action in those situations. I NEVER use the Tarot for anything but helpful and positive things, so is it any worse than those other things? are there any other Christians out there who read the Tarot? Sorry this is so long...

  • I was raised in a very strict Christian home, as well. When I began to study the origins of my religious beliefs, that's when the doors opened and I realized that RELIGION is a man-made system. Using Spirituality, which is a Divinely-ordered concept, to control large groups of people. There was a time, when the human race needed to be told what to believe, we needed to have a group of people to believe along with us, to validate our beliefs. That structure has served us well, but we have reached the end of our reliance on outside sources.

    At this point in our spiritual evolution, it is each individuals divinely inspired task, as you are now learning, to explore their own beliefs. Question everything. Ask yourself the tough questions.

    "The bible says I am to believe simply because it tells me to believe, and my pastor told me that if I question, then I don't have faith." There is no logic behind this, when you begin to see the truth, and separate yourself from the herd mentality of religion, you see that for the manipulative intent that it truly is.

    I expect that something in this post will offend your religious beliefs. That is a good thing. It takes time to shake off the influences of religion, whether christianity, or Islam, or some other man-made religion. The fact is, we all serve ONE god. because there is only ONE god. Look for ways that other religions are similar to yours, rather than different. When you find those similarities, you will begin to realize that each different religion holds parts of the truth within it. It is simply our unevolved human nature that decided to "Own" various pieces of the truth and make our own religions from it. We have passed the point of needing to own the truth. We share the same truth as everyone on this planet, and beings on other planets as well. Beings who have never heard or Jesus, or Buddha. There is one truth, but nobody owns it.

    Best of luck on your quest.

  • Thank you for your insight and comments. I am not willing to leave Christianity though. I believe in the saving grace of Jesus Christ. But in the Tarot and my other recent studies I have discovered a whole different realm/world that I am not willing to let go of either. God knows my heart. He knows I mean this for good, not evil. God has the power to take me out of the Tarot and my other studies if He wants too. He can do anything. I do not however follow blindly; if I did I never would have read the cards to begin with. And I think Christianity has made some real mistakes in how we portray ourselves and live our faith. Thank you for answering, and I hope you have a safe and productive journy.

  • Hello Spiritbeing,

    I am an ordained minishter registered in two states. I recommend that you read the the Book of I Corinthinans as I have. It is my hope that you will read from the beginning all thre way through to the end. Pay very close attention to chapters 12, 13, and 14.

    Now, about those cards. They are nothing but a tool. They are only as good as the hands that lay them out. As a doctor, or teacher, or banker has tools, so do we. This is what I suggest to you:

    1. Seaon your cards. Spend as much time as you can just shuffeling them. Katrina took all of my working and personal decks. So, as I watch tv, my hands are busy with three new decks. My hands are past the blisher stage and the calesses are starting to form. That's good.

    2. When reading for others, break the deck. It means that you shuffel the deck ffirst. The person you are giving the reading then suffels the cards. That person puts the cards in the final order. After you are done with the reading, gather the cards and break the deck again. That helps to cleanse threm.

    NOTE: If you are doing readings over the phone or at a radio station, it is ok to suffel the deck for the client. . Yes, you can do absentee readings.

    3. Use the info in the books as a starting point. If you feel the card speak to you with a different meaning, by all means use the meaning that the card gives you. Tools can be a bridge to your psychic abilities. So, don't be afraid to go with the flow.

    Always remember, you have experienced friends standing by if you need us.



  • Spirit Being you have already gotten great advice, I too as were most was raised as a Baptist, Christian, there is a crack in the doorway to truth which is why you are looking other places. We only know what we learned from our ancestor's through out all the generations, I am no longer religious so much because I too have learned that religion is used to control people. The more you seek, the more you will find.

    God loves all unconditionally and cares less about religion, like Crabby o bat said above, the only way to get to the Truth is to search and question everything. May light always be shone on your path. "Blessed Be."

  • ReverendMotherAvalon; Thank you for your comments. I read the Bible every day, and read 1 Corintians chapters 12, 13, and 14 last night. If I understand it right we all have spiritual gifts, and one of those is the "...discerning of spirits...", and that also, we are all part of the body of Christ. Is that right? The part about discerning spirits is very interesting. It seems like that would fit with the reading of the tarot, but what about in the Old Testament in Deuteronomy where it says that we are not to do divinition? That's the one I have a hard time getting around. I don't want to make God angry, but it seems like the tarot can be used in a positive way, and how can that be a bad thing? I would like to discuss this more...time to go to Bible study now though. Thank you again for taking the time to talk to me.

  • Poetic555; thank you for your comments. Life is indeed a journy and adventure. While I do believe there are some problems with some denominations, I do not believe religion as a whole is bad, because it was set up by God. I will continue to seek, and learn, but my religion is as important a part of that as anything else.

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