Mountain Lion Sighting

  • I hiked up a hill today on a plot of large land, sat down and started feeling teary and emotional for different reasons. I have terrible eyesight but out in the distance (far away luckily) I saw what I believe was a mountain lion. It was not a house cat as I would never have been able to see a small animal from that distance and it it was a large golden colored cat type of animal. I looked up mountain lion photos and it sure looked like what I saw. Anyway, I walked back down that hill pretty quickly. So much for my little pity party! 🙂 Anyone think there is any meaning when we see these types of animals? Is it a totem or just blind chance? If so, what would a mountain lion represent? Thanks

    xx SE

  • Definitely a totem considering the timing and circumstances 😉 For me, this powerful feline is a symbol of STRENGTH and the FEMININE, but I am sure there are others who know much more about animal totems than I!

  • See if your library has the book, "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews.

    From what I have gathered, the mountain lion is similar to the Cougar and the Cougar's message is "You are coming into your own power. Embrace it."

  • Thank you so much Watergirl.... and I will look into Ted Andrews' book.



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