Would like to some help interpreting my relationship reading

  • I did a reading on my relationship with a man Iv been dating. He says he loves me but lately he has acting sort of like an A** lol. and he says iv been acting clingy, so he frustrated with me. I would appreciate some input from somone who does reversals, since I do them.

    1.)Current state of my relationship with *John (Magician-reversed)

    2.)Thoughts/feelings *John has regarding me-(Queen swords)

    3.) Does *John love me? (King of swords)

    4.) How does *John feel about being in a relationship with me? (Hierophant-reversed)

    5.) Why does *John treat me the way he has been? (10 of cups-reversed)

    6.) What does *John need / want from me? ( Justice)

    7.) How can I improve my chances of *John totally committing to me? (7 swords)

    8.) What is likely going to happen next between *John and I? (Hermit)

    9.) Advice for me (8 of spears-reversed)

    10.) outlook/future for my relations with *John (page of cups)

  • vettech, you don't need a card reading for this one, you need relationship wisdom. I don't claim to be that wisdom, but I know this, if he says you've been acting clingy, and he's been an ass, that means simply that things are moving a little fast for him, a little slowly for you.

    Try slowing your pace, back off a little, give him some space to realize that he wants you in it. You cannot force a man into a committment. All you can do is create space between you, and let him come to the realization that he wants to close the gap. If he doesn't respond, then you are simply playing the game with the wrong one.

    Men and women view relationships differently. It takes time for him to come to the same depth of committment that you are at automatically. There is no place in a relationship for a "Where is this going?" type of conversation. If you are trying to have that conversation with him, stop it. It will go where it goes, and nothing good will come of trying to force it.

    Best of luck to you

  • Thank you for your wise advice. I totally agree with you. I had said that to myself a thousand times lol. I have been careful not to push. Recently he was in jail for a couple weeks, and he sent me letters saying he wants to marry me, spend his life with me, etc... I was surprised to hear that from him. I have not brought up that topic since he has been out. Now he mentioned something about me being clingy before he went to jail, so thats not something new. I dont expect to see him all the time, since we live 85miles apart, and I dont call him too much so I dont know. I do get upset when he cancels a weekend on me visiting, or when I dont get enough alone time with him, so ill admit that i need to deal with it in a more productive way, instead of pouting lol. However I did reading to see if there was anything more to this situation, aspects that I dont see or know about.

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