AstraAngel... this Aries woman needs your guidance again!

  • Good evening AstraAngel... hope all is going well. You have given me great guidance and advice in the past few months regarding myself Aries (4/8/59) and Libra man (9/30/53). Your readings were right on and still continue to guide me as I refer back to them. Thank you!

    My question now is regarding a Cancer man I have met. His date of birth is 7/17/58. We have talked quite a bit and have gone out on three dates in the past 2 weeks. We seem to have a lot in common and get along well. He is very kind, attentive, has a sense of humor and seems to be a great all around guy so far. He is a widow and lost his wife in January of this year to cancer. He hasn't talked much about her and I don't want to push the subject. Figure he'll talk about it when he is ready.

    Very curious and just wondering what the cards say about him and I.... Can you tell me something about this Cancer man???

    Thank you as always in advance for your guidance, advice and kind words! 🙂


  • Hi brightsmiles

    Okay, well this all sounds nice.

    Looking at your charts here are some high points.

    He is Cancer and so he is all about home and a lovely calm, quiet and secure setting there. I think that appeals to you greatly, as an fiery Aries with noting really going on in his Sun sign.

    Your Moon in Aries is very close to conjunction with his Mars in Aries - so that sounds emotions could be very deep in this relationship, his passion expressions toward you will in turn elicit an emotional response from you that will flow back and forth. An area to watch out for also. You might feel your emotions becoming a little too much at times with him because of his Mars pulling that out of you.

    Your Mars is very close to conjunction with his Venus in Pisces, so that is a nice match up for your masculine desire toward him being reciprocated by his Venus. So I can expect you will be initiating a lot of the "activity" between you two, sounds like fun to me.

    Your Venus is in Earthy Taurus so your love toward him will be very down to earth and more practical, lots of little love notes, letters, expressions of your heart will want to come forth. His version of love will be more expressive, physical and verbal and lots of closeness in touch and eyes, and feelings in the air. (You might wait until another few dates before you start in with the roses and love notes and such 🙂

    His Moon, Mercury and Uranus all combine in Leo and that seems to add up to his light hearted nature and humor!

    The only caution I can see is his Sun in Cancer is at square with your Moon and His Mars in Aries, so this says that there might be times when your more masculine/Aries emotional nature will be combining with his Mars, so you will at times be his conscience and he may or may not want to hear it! Slow and gentle there.

    That is a brief snapshot, looks nice to me.

    I will take a look at some cards, and then I am going to paint for a while...

    1. What is the nature of the relationship at this time?

    Two of Wands - choosing energies right now, I think because this is a new relationship, you are both imagining choices, what and where to do/go next. This card shows his hand extended to you, so this two is a nice balance right now. Focused more on spirit and action it seems, and not too 'emotional' at this point, this looks very good to me.

    2. Where the relationship wants to go?

    Three of Cups - Yay! This is a wonderful card of love and celebration, so that looks wonderful for the two of you! It looks to me like everyone's hearts are in the right place and all should be nice for the two of you. Take is nice and slow and gentle. And keep the laughs going with him, that is very positive.

    I think that is about all that is appropriate at this time to see... blessings on your new companionship here!


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