Could I please have my birth chart done

  • Good evening to the person that can do the birth charts. My dob is July 12 1961

    I was born at 12:01am in Manhattan, New York.

    I know that I am a cancer but I should have been a fire sign.

    Thanks Illona

  • You can have this done for FREE with your Cosmic Profile. It will give you your natal chart accurately since you know what time you were born.

  • Illona,

    You feel like you should be a fire sign because your rising sign is Aries and your North Node is in Leo! You can be very stubborn as well as outspoken, no?

  • Good evening Watergirl18

    First let me tell Ketirasp thank you I will do that too. Yes watergirl18 I can be very mean when I want and I do spoke to much that is a very big problem with me and guys because I will spoke my peace and not care what they think. Yes I do have that fire in me but I do feel that moon when it is full. Believe that it took me a very long time to realize that but now i know what it is, because at first I could not understand but I do now. Yes that makes sense to me.

    Thanks watergirl18

  • Both your Sun and Moon are in Cancer which is why you are so connected to the moon's cycles...

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