Need advice about an Aquarius man!

  • I'm a Libra and have known this Aquarius man for about a year now. I'm not too familiar with astrology so that's why I'm here to learn from you all and hopefully can gain a better insight!

    Anyway, to the advice I need. We started talking through Facebook, he is extremely intelligent (the smartest man I know) and unique, I started to like him very quickly. We met, had a great weekend together, it was really the best weekend of my life and he said the same. After I dropped him off at the airport, he texted me with "You must be really sad. Do you miss me?" which I replied "Yes, I miss you already." I was sure that I had won him, and I've always won any man I've wanted.

    Then he vanished. Stopped talking to me, ignored calls, ignored texts, everything. If I wanted to talk to him on Skype like we did nearly daily before we met, he would say he was too busy. Anytime he did reply over the phone it was with "I'll text tomorrow" or "I'll call tomorrow". This went on for quite some time, I asked him if he had anything to do with me anymore, and he'd react as if I was breaking some unwritten rule for asking that. I even told him that I liked him a lot and he did tell me that he liked me, but that I just need to be patient with him. So, I hoped for the best and remained patient.

    A few more months go by, and it is the same. It seemed like he didn't have one minute to acknowledge my existence anymore. My patience wore off, and I lopped him off. Deleted everything I knew about him, and within a few hours he was texting me wondering what happened to me because I vanished off Facebook. I ignored him for a few days, and then called him. I explained to him that I was just tired of being ignored and don't keep friends that do that, and he seemed mystified that I felt that way. He kept asking me why I hated him...over and over again. I told him that I could never hated him, I just don't like being ignored and that's just how I deal with things. I even admitted that I loved him and it was quite odd...he was silent and completely changed the subject. It ended with him agreeing to give more time to me (not ignore me because he has never done that, according to him), but I just needed to give him some space, so I agreed and things were seemed good.

    Few months go by, and he completely flakes out on me when I was supposed to meet him while I was traveling. Everything had seemed great again (he even became a little more talkative), and I was to meet him, but suddenly he forgot to tell me that he was leaving town. I became so angry that I cursed him out more than I had ever cursed someone out in my life, and again he asks me why I hate him. I tell him that I don't hate him. He promises to make it up to me by visiting me, and I yet again agree.

    Another few months go by, he is somewhat more talkative again, though only when it's convenient to him. He never speaks of meeting again, forgets my birthday, so I lop him off again. This time I block his number so that I won't see if he texts me or calls me so that I won't be inclined to answer. A solid month goes by, and I pretty much decide that it's over and need to move on. Then I get a text from another phone number and it's him, wanting to know what happened to me and why I keep disappearing.

    So me being me, I talk to him. I explain to him that no matter what I seem to do, I always just end up in the dark. He completely ignores that and says that he wants to be my friend. I am still mystified by this because he hasn't had one good thorough conversation with me in months (some small talk in between, but nothing like a long time ago) and he wants to be my friend because I'm a good person. Why does he want to keep me around when at the same time he doesn't want to even speak to me?

    I am so confused by this man that I could spit. He ignores me as much as possible, and when I try to disappear it's as if I did something terribly wrong and the world is ending. From what I have read about Aquarius men (I'm a novice though) is that they are distant and aloof, but they also keep a tight-knit certain of good friends around them (in addition to a lot of other friends that are of less value). Is this man even into me or do I just amuse him by always caving in? Please, I need advice! ~confused Libra

  • I have Aqua guy friend ... we often went drinking in the pub together.. yeah he is sort of

    intellectual and witty guy and he is definitely fun to be around. But once he got too involve in this circle he will withdrawn himself and became unreachable. Not knowing why of his weird behavious. My analyze of this aqua guy ..he enjoys company of pretty gals and enjoy conversations with gals all the times and seem to me aqua guy doesn't make a reliable partner. So i would like to tell you just keep this relationship as casual as possible. To aqua guy ,freedom is very impt to them and they definitely not want to be tie down by a relationship too quickly and freshness and something new excited them very much.

  • I had a similar experience with an Aquarius guy. very smart, very cute, lots of fun. We dated for 6 months. At first he kept me at arms length and then got more and more into the relationship. all signs were that he was totally in. Then he went on a short trip with his buddies on his motorcycle. He came back and ended our relationship. No other woman involved he just said I was not who he is looking. At the same time he was crying and telling me how hard it was for him to be breaking up with the woman that he loves (me). So that was that. Then 6 weeks later he calls and wants to see me, just to say hi and have a drink. He took the conversation into a relationship talk, more tears about how much he misses me, said he would be in touch. That was 4 weeks ago. Not a word. What is up with these guys?

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