Validity of online casting

  • Is online casting as valid as physically casting the coins?

  • Reading for yourself is never as accurate as someone else doing it because you cannot be objective enough.

  • You may want to "test" the validity by casting physically first for a specific question then casting online for that same question and see if you get the same hexes or the same message.

    I've done that with both tarot and iching and essentially get the very same cards/hexes using either method. It's up to you.

    True if you can't be objective you should find someone else to interpret your hexagrams (but not necessarily cast for you). For some reason, even if I am very invested in the outcome of a situation, i-ching is more likely to give me an accurate answer regardless. Tarot gives me too much leeway to interpret the cards however I wish- even when it's dead wrong.

    Practice, keep a log, and see what works best for you.

  • I use the bead method, but personal is better to cast it interpreting is sometimes better by someone else as they aren't looking or hoping for a certain answer.


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