Palm Reader told me I have a bad energy...?

  • I went to a palm reader last weekend and she told me that I have a bad energy that also surrounds my family...She said that is why bad things happen to everyone they either get cheated on, can't have children, or have to many kids to support. These are all true things but I want to know more about the bad energy, she told me to go back and she will do a spiritual cleansing for $300 or barter for something I have?? I've been to her twice before and the stuff she has said was all very accurate even the first time going...My friend also went and after had alot of trouble finding jobs etc and she went to another lady to get her cards read and the lady said the first palm reader(my friend never mentioned getting her palm read to this lady) had blocked her paths and that is why she cannot move forward? Any advice on this? Do I really have a bad energy around me? It seems that all my relationships fail for one reason or another and she also said I would've still been with my first love engaged and pregnant had this energy not been around.

  • Sounds like a scam artist to me. If all of your relationships are failing for one reason or another it is because you have a life lesson to learn in this regard.

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