Astral angel.......request for guidance....

  • I was very grateful for a recent readin you did for me.... There has become a total break down in communication in that situation.

    I know you have lots of requests if you have time.....

    I would love to gain insight into,

    Why is there a total breakdown in communication between t and I?

    is there anything I can do?

    Many thanks in advance, I know u have a busy life...xxxx

    Hope the painting is going well x x x

  • Hi forevervirgo

    okay well sri to hear about the breakdown in communication, seems to be a common problem. Join the club...

    I see the Queen of Swords so there is a bit of chill in the air... this Queen is reigning with a rather cool and calm poise. So this seems to reflect the energy of the relationship right now. Something has created a feeling of "stand-offishness" between the two of you.

    Why has this happened with t to contribute to this? King of Wands. He is the King of action and choice and he is sitting in a place of authority. There could be some personal matters he is contending with that are causing him to focus his will in other directions right now besides the communication with you.

    The Tower. The relationship is being tested. You will now find out whether it can stand on its own in trust and calm apart from a lot of communication.

    Your advice: Knight of Pentacles - Be very stable, balanced and calm right now. Nothing is "going wrong", you are being tested. This is for your own good.

    yes, the painting is going well. Are you an artist too? Writing? Journaling? Any of that helps to keep you focused and calm and keeps your mind centered in positive expressions instead of too much anxiety about relationship issues.

    love and light


  • Thanks astral angel, I know there is nothing I can do, just chill out. As they see what is meant for you will not pass me by, just feels sad sometimes we can't speak x

    But once again thanks for your insight x

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