Trials and Tribulations

  • Thanks for your wishes Stonyeye! I am currently reading for a research degree. My son is much better now but still at home for observation.

    Great to hear you are attracted to crystals. Follw your instinct.That which you are attracted to is likely to be what you need.Clear quartz does many things , including providing clarity and protection. Am also sensing a bright yellow, nearly orange colour...Doyou have something like that. This colour and its realated crystals have to do with self esteem, assimilatingexperiences and plexus.

    Love and Light

  • Thanks Suramya!

    A research degree! That must be a tough one. How much longer do you have to complete it? I imagine you are working very hard toward it. Distractions are frustrating. I get them too when I'm studying. Phone calls, etc. Taking care of your son when he is sick though.. I can see how that is top priority and your frustrations with wanting to get though everything. I'm glad he is better.

    And... yes I do have a sort of orange opal that I picked up a long time ago. Maybe I should try to carry that one around. It's small enough to fit in my pocket. I'll try that!

    Do you have a certain stone or crystal that attracts you?

    Love xx SE

  • Suramya, Also, I was just thinking that we both probably have to spend a lot of time at the computer for our studies. I've been making an effort to get out into nature. I climb a hill and it's very quiet up there and I have an incredible view of the city but it's really far off and I can be totally alone without any distractions. Are you able to get out into nature? Sometimes I think that being around a computer so often can almost cause information over load. I don't know how else to explain that but I need to step away a lot. I wonder if you feel that too?

  • Hi Everyone - Just wanted to share that I have been bombarded lately with lots of "stuff" - some good, some bad, some not really sure what the heck it is - and have really had to focus on releasing that which I have no control over (worry, anxiety, stress, etc.) and doing what I can on the other things and then having faith. Visualizing being the "eye" of the storm helps!

    I have also realized how far I have come over the past year...

    Anyone else experiencing this?

  • Yes, it's all been a real effort for me to hang onto my authentic natural self and stop slipping back into the old bad chaotic ways when dramas arise.

  • Oh yes absolutely I am much closer to me than I ever was a year ago and seem to have made leaps and bounds even in a few weeks. Thanks to you guys slapping reality on my plate a few times lol. But there are still things to be faced and dealt with but I will climb those walls when they come.

    Hugs to you all I was finishing some translation work and then at half past midnight I got down on my knees and scrubbed the floor downstaies. Mad. But it can't be done when the kids are awake.

    So now goodnight till 11.11am in Europe.


  • Ohoh and it is full moon time well my eldest daughter had a massive meltdown this evening and she sat howling I mean really howling. She must be really feeling the pull. She wants to get the first reiki attunement so she can work on herself, I gave her some to calm her down and boy I could feel the buzzing at the back of her head. So kids don't have it easy with this 11:11:11 thing either, especially the indigo/star/crystal/rainbow ones.


  • Stonyeye

    I am very attracted to many crystals...they fascinate me.Its like they are telling me things I don t fully understand yet!

    This is what Judy hall says about orange-red opal: " Enhancer of personal power, protector against danger, symbol of hope, excellent fr opal is said to magnify feelings and thoughts,returning them threefold, and can release deep seated feelings of grief even from past lives.It is a wonderful stone for letting go of the past, although it can be explosive inits action,when bottled up emotions are suddenly released

  • continued from hall: works on abdomen,kidneys intestine"etc.So you can carry the crystal for short durations at a time, Stony eye and see how it feels.

    I have to go out in nature very often or I feel like caged tiger:)

    Once a year I try to run away to the of the year I try to spend time in my garden an near plants and trees> i love studying but this degree requires prolonged application,not suited to my restless nature;)

    all the best with your course

    Love and Light

  • Very cool information Suryama. Thank you so much for that information. I did hold it briefly today after reading your post and then put it back in my bowl. Do you have one that you are particularly attracted to? Here's to us both getting through our studies with sanity in tact! 🙂



  • Hajust checked my last post on here was at 01.11 am on 11th nov CET

    How cool is that?

  • Speaking of trials and tribulations....

    I recently watched the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness" and it was a great reminder that things do not just get handed to us on a silver platter. This movie was based on a true story. This man was faced with so much loss, strife, obstacles and even brick walls being placed in his path. But his determination never waivered. He never gave up. Every time he was faced with "failure" it only seemed to strengthen his resolve. He never allowed himself to adopt a victim attitude. And he had a young son to worry about - not just himself. For any of us who feel like life is too hard or things should be easier - watch this movie!! Very inspiring.

    It also has got me thinking about when in life we should "go with the flow" and when in life we should not allow ourselves to be defeated and "keep on keepin' on." Not sure I have the answer yet, but definitely a powerful question to ponder...

  • Oh yeah that was a good movie. I wonder if he would have given up though, if he hadn't had his young child to look after? You really need to have something in your life worth fighting for.

    Going with the flow means trusting the Universe and spirit to take care of the bigger picture while you look after the smaller details of life. It's not about giving up, but of giving up going it all alone.

  • Yes, I agree going with the flow is not giving up. But how many people in that man's situation would have said that the Universe was throwing up so many obstacles because they were headed down the wrong path, supposed to do something else, etc.? Good point about the child fueling his resolve....

  • I think he really believed in and listened to his intuition.

  • Capt you are so right about "down time" I am relearning about hope & faith and trying to pay attention to the messages being sent. It is like the old saying it is darkest before the dawn.

    and I ve been doing alot of soul searching trying to find what my strong points are and to work on the weak points. I seem to have locked away alot of things and they all seem to be flooding in at once making me feel overwhelmed.

  • Shadowmist, you don't have to do everything at once. Baby at a time.

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