Upcoming surgery

  • I should be having surgery in January to fix a problem caused my numerous medical malpractice issues. I am stressing about it. Can anyone see if it will work? Thank you.

  • Yes i feel that it will go well for you as the surgey will not rely on a single surgeon who may make a mistake, but on two surgeons who will check each other's work.

  • thanks captain. it's been so hard as i was so healthy. i almost died twice and wevwere able to find a world class surgeon and hospital and he saved me. i hope my recovery goes well.

  • The lesson here is to use your intuition about the medical profession and not trust them all blindly. Go by your gut feelings.

  • we learned so much about the medical profession from this. i have a new outlook on my life. assuming my ileostomy is reversed, do you think i should become an airline pilot. ive been debating it for 20 years.

  • You definitely have to at least try for something you have been dreaming about for twenty years. Only then will you know if it is right for you or not.

  • I think you are correct. I just have to see if my wife and I can afford the pay cut as we want kids soon. Do you see me making a full recovery and having kids? Thanks.

  • Yes I do. Think positively and you will achieve all that you want.

  • thank you so much. i am trying to be positive but it is hard. do you need my name or bdate to get an accurate read? i am so impressed that you can have this feeling, its so neat. thanks again.

  • Yes if you give me your birthdate, I can do a more specific reading for you. It will be a personality and issues based reading - I don't do longterm future predictions because your free will can change any prediction.

  • 12/31/73


  • Captain,

    Could you please give me a readng on my love life and health issues? I am curious because I got a text today. Thnks.

    B day 123173

  • PG, you have spiritual faculties that allow you to look into the hearts and minds of others. Not only are you highly empathic, but your intuitive and even psychic abilities are very well developed. You are destined not only to be in touch with unseen realms but to express your visionary views. However, the fact that your intuition is so highly developed could also cause you to withdraw from the world into a sort of religious or protective retreat. You also have to release your tendency to be depressed. It is your task to participate fully in the world through the complete and positive articulation of your gifts. You are called to be a prophet of sorts, although the most successful prophets are perhaps those who do not make elaborate calculations or inspired guesses but rather create the future through their own actions, thus ensuring the success of their prophecies. Your core lesson is to take the unseen forces of spirit and give them creative form or manifestation. Your goal is to fully and in detail express your experience of spirit/the Divine, using your gifts of prophecy, charisma, and affection.

    A chronic sense of being misunderstood may affect you in this lifetime, and you will doubtless face a number of obstacles in bringing your unique talents and perspectives before an audience. You may become obsessed with being heard, listened to and understood to the point that you can defeat your own purpose of proving your integrity and intelligence and just appear nutty. But you can lose your fear of being thought stupid or foolish, and move onto a higher expresion of your nature that will help you come out of your shell long enough to find fulfillment in your work, and seek the spiritual peace you are destined to find. You will be challenged with life or death situations on this karmic path in order to free yourself from any self-imposed structures and help you get in touch with more universal concepts and a deeper spirituality.

    You may be rather encumbered in this life by your high opinions of your own ideas - while the ability to have faith is admirable, your rigidity and authoritarianism are not. Nevertheless, there are a number of indicators of success here, especially if you can avoid your tendency to repress or control your emotions and instead use your deepest feelings to open the channels between yourself and a more universal perspective. You can gain deep fulfillment by seeing your ideas become not only accepted but very popular. Once you allow more eternal truths to inform and expand your vision, your progress along this lifepath is ensured.

    PG, what you really want is to feel connected with others while confidently being yourself. You want the total agreement of everyone around you - for everyone to understand your point of view, to accept and support you, and to recognise your positive motivations. To achieve this, you may try to manipulate people into thinking your way. Using your talent for understanding others, you think you can say exactly the right words to make others change their minds and agree with you. But it doesn't work; in order to reach your goals, you need to refocus your attention on your own truth. When you speak the words you intuitively feel, situations in which you find yourself come into harmony. When you live and speak from your higher self, companions who are not suitable withdraw and new people appear who are more compatible. As you act in accordance with your higher truth, others who are similarly attuned understand you and prove the most trustworthy of friends, as you share the same spiritual values.

    Your Achilles' Heel is a need for mental security. ("If I can figure out what other people are thinking and then say the right thing so they'll agree with my ideas, I will always feel secure.") This can lead you into the trap of a never-ending search for information, ("If I can just get enough facts, I'll be able to find the 'truth' and then I will know what to do.") But you can never read people's minds enough to assure yourself that you will say the right thing. You need to let go of control and heed your own intuition. Trusting and acting from your OWN truth brings out your integrity, which will draw the right people to you and help you to gain the security and peace of mind you seek. You must go beyond logic to your intuition and demonstrate what your higher truth is telling you. Having faith in your spiritual guidance will lead you to gain a correct perception of what is going on around you.

    Love - other people tend to not see you very clearly, because of the charismatic aura that surrounds you. You tend to attract the wrong sort of people and must particularly beware of flatterers and even worshippers. Surrounding yourself with admirers is a bit like putting yourself in a hall of mirrors - your self-image may come to resemble what others reflect back to you. This can have disastrous consequences and take you completely out of touch with your real inner self. While the professional arena is an important one in which to express yourself to the world at large, it will be to your more intimate friends that you will be most likely to reveal who and what you truly are. Due to the emotional and psychological depth of your spirit, others may not understand you easily. Thus, having a few close, discerning and empathetic friends with whom you can be yourself are crucial to your development. In love, your sexual experiences may prove to be so deeply transformative both for yourself and for your partners that problems with sex and love dependencies can develop. Many partners will be available to you, but fidelity is not necessarily your forte. Moreover, you do tend to disappear on your loved ones frequently - to go within to your inner world or outward to your adoring public. Perhaps you would do well to forego marriage, except that you love the magic of love and with each new partner, you become convinced you have found 'the one'. Because of the importance of your prophetic drives and your fate to be a spokesman or icon for those in your group or profession, you may find it necessary to make a strict separation between your private and personal lives. In most cases, keeping your more turbulent feelings under control can be a fulltime job in itself but you can learn to express yourself in more positive ways. Also, your standards in love can be so high that they are hard to live with - either you're judging everyone else by these ideals or you're setting an impossible example as Mr. Perfect. You may have trouble knowing or expressing your feelings for someone because you have learned to focus on the 'best way' to feel and you wear that mask. You must tune into your authentic needs and feelings. Long-term relationships or commitments are problematic for you because you may focus on trying to find the 'perfect' relationship, and you may feel disappointed or deceived when someone you have idealized turns out to be only human after all. You may even set out to improve that person, whether they want you to or not. Sexually and emotionally in love, you must express your own needs and just let go of control sometimes, rather than trying to be good and please the other person all the time. Shift your attitude from a good performance to a great intimacy and loving interplay. Then your relationships will reflect back to you the abundance you feel inside.

    Health - If you haven't resolved your perfectionistic standards and subconscious negativity about money, high profile, and power, you may sabotage yourself by getting ill, divorced, or injured to avoid a big success. If frustrated, you may experience chronic tension in your solar plexus, inhibiting breathing and draining your energy, or tension around the neck from self-imposed pressure. When you are run-down, you may develop sinus infections, a sure sign for you to ease up on yourself. You tend to drive yourself too hard, then have to recuperate, but a short period of self-pampering is usually all that's required. You probably pay attention to the laws of good nutrition due to your high standards but because you work hard, you may also like to indulge yourself in ways ranging from having a 'relaxing drink' or taking other drugs to treating yourself to a massge, sauna, and maybe sweets as a consolation for your efforts. The pattern of hard work, then indulgence, along with wanting to maintain a high self-image, means that you may even fall into an eating disorder as you overcontrol yourself, resulting in dietary swings or bulimia/anorexia. Moderation can be a challenge for you. With your perfectionism, you may seek to improve your diet and everything else in your life. A varied low-fat diet is best for you, like most people. If you exercise regularly, you probably tend to seek an efficient and balanced form of exercise. Depending on your background and interests, you may pursue sports as a means of achieving recognition or practise weight-lifting as a way to feel powerful. Any kind of physical activity that appeals to you is fine, and you will usually excel at whatever you do.

  • Thanks captain!

    I will let you know how my surgery goes. I think it will go well.

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