Lost chain and pendant - Captain please help

  • Hi Captain,

    I lost my silver chain and a teardrop shaped pendant that's sparkling like a diamond. But it's costume jewellery (both chain and pendant), not valuable. But very pretty.

    I'm afraid I might have lost it some weeks ago and didn't realise it until today. I think I left it at my gym on a hanger or something or maybe in some clothes.

    Do you sense that it is still in my house or bag or around me? Or it's already lost. Sigh, so careless...always losing stuff.

  • I am seeing it wrapped in a towel or some kind of rough cloth article like a backpack or thick bag. Did you go swimming at all or take a public shower oe wash your hair?

  • And if you are always losing stuff, it probably means that you are just not that into material possessions.

  • Hi Captain

    Yes I did go swimming. Argh... I will search my backpack and stuff again. And get back to you.

    Hopefully it's still around me.

  • Hi Captain,

    Searched my backpack and couldn't find it. It was very striking that you asked if I had gone swimming - because I do believe I misplaced it when I took it off when I went swimming, maybe a few weeks ago.

    Do you sense it is still around me?

    Thanks for your help.

  • No, I don't sense it around you. I am feeling there was a deeper purpose to your misplacing the pendant - like it was weighing you down in some emotional respect and you wished it put it away from you. What memories are attached to it for you?

  • Hi Captain,

    Actually none that I can remember. Don't even know how or when I got it but I've had it for a long time. I like it cos it's beautiful even though it's inexpensive. And I just felt good whenever I wore it. Sigh..

  • That you cannot remember how you came by it might be indicative of you not wanting to recall something associated with it. It might not be the pendant itself that you don't like but some bad experience that occurred at the time of acquiring it.

  • Hi Captain

    Don't think so. I am very forgetful in general. Real pity it's lost. Thank you so much for helping me look for it 🙂

  • We only forget or remember things because we want to - it's no random act or physical malfunction.

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