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  • I met my fiance back in January of this year and we've been thru a lot since. He moved in with me in February as we felt that God wanted us to be together. Several months later he relapsed into drugs and alcohol and we lost everything. From there I went to live in a shelter and he went to rehab. We got things back together and I got a job transfer 200 miles away to the beach where we always wanted to go and he came with me clean and sober and willing to take on the world. He landed two jobs and things were going great but then he relapsed again going thru alot of our money and then some. This past Thursday he said enough was enoughand he got a ride back to our old town and went back to the homeless shelter seeking help and trying to get back into where he was. However we are not sure this is the right decision for him and I am trying to find out if he would be better off back here and us trying to find help from here? We feel that we have a strong ministry calling together to help the homeless, drug addicted and start an online paper. I am just not sure where to go from here. Did God really put us together and is this just more testimony for us to use or is this a doomed situation? Should I get him back here and seek help around here for him, or do I leave him there and possibly end the relationship? I am not really sure what to do anymore. Granted I am more relaxed since hes been gone but I do believe that he loves me and we are soul mates and we are supposed to do God's will. Can someone please shed some light on this for me. I am also wondering if there was more then meets the eye to him going back to our old town?

    Also going about another job and I am wondering if that is going to work out for me or not of if I should just stay where I am at. I have been with my company for two years but I feel like I can't go any further in the situation....like I am at the end of that business.

    Any help appreciated. I want to do Gods will, I am heartsick without him but where do I go from here?

    Thanks so much!





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  • I would distance yourself from him. You're learning some life lessons right now--pretty hard and quick. Have the strength to know that you can do this because I don't see the we can do this part.

  • Thanks. Anyone else have any more feedback on this for me please? He has since returned home and things have been going fairly well. Also seems like both of our divorces to others will be happening soon which could open up the window for us getting married. Wondering how that will pan out? Any thoughts?

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