Focus on the Positive

  • The Captain, Your right,i have been thinking hard all day over all of this that is going on with him and what i want ahead,and what i want ahead with my Reiki classes that start in the beginning of Dec. is too important to me to through away because he thinks that it is something that it is not. And i've noticed that he seems to have forgotten that i'am sick right now,and no he is not any help for me,i still do things that are very painful for me to do on my own. I plan on talking to him tonight and telling him that we will be parting ways because i need to get better,and there are things that i'm going to do with my life that he does not want to be apart of anymore.

    WaterGirl18, Hi, no i did not know that, it shames me to say that i need to do more studing on the Chakra's, I'm going to go and look for my notes on it right now and i belive i even have a book on it. Thank-you for the food for thought.

    Thank-You Captain 😉

    Love,Light & Peaceful Blessings


  • Wow, Colleen, you go, girl! You are amazing and a real Amazon.

  • My family haven't never been close all of the time.. Im so looking forward to my cousins wedding on Saturday.. brought a dress and all new jewellery and accessors.. im really looking forward to dressing up, and it be a lot of Irish music cause his side are Irish, should be loads of dancing, my feet will ache, dont wear heels often, but i know the dress bring my famine side out!!

  • Sounds like fun, Scully! Post the best moment here if you will.

  • The best moment i can picture now.. is the throwing of the bouquet.. is that how you spell it?

    All us sinletons gather, my Aunt comes rushing in arms in the air jumping up and down.. and you know what she catches the thing lol.. it was so funny, she like a rebel..

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