Focus on the Positive

  • I know the world looks like a very bleak and negative place at the moment and it is very easy to feel disillusioned and cynical, especially if you have lost a lot of people or good things from your life or haven't achieved your goals yet. It will become easier if you can accept and understand that it is the nature of life to always be in flux, always moving on, and we must keep time with it or get left behind. At least it means that even if the good times don't last, then neither do the bad times. As much as we want the world to behave as we want it, it often serves us up that which seems to be bad or sad for us. Yet it is our own fears and issues that bring us to the bad places, so that we may realize that there is a problem and heal it. If our lives were full of good all the time, we would grow complacent and would stop appreciating what we have and stop striving for better.

    That's why it's important not to look back at what we have lost, but to all that we have now. We must focus on that which is good and positive in our lives and be grateful for it, rather than growing bitter about what we don't have. Everyone wins and loses at different stages of their lives, but nothing or no one is ever really lost to us forever if they are important. Try to seek the long view where we will all eventually be reunited with those we have loved and who have gone away just for a little while, not the short-sighted view where we fail to see the marvellous gifts that are surrounding us all the time. Look up from the ground today and appreciate every large and small beauty and joy in your life. Focus on the lovely aspects of your life, rather than getting bogged down in the gloom and doom.

    Today I heard the joy and thankfulness in my sister's voice as she told me about her new job.

    It was a good day for me, too because of the small but happy experiences like that. Don't underestimate or disregard the small joyous things, for they are sent to you by the Universe to lift you up when you are down and to sustain you when you are near empty.

    What gave you joy or was beautiful for you today?

  • Hi Captain,

    What gave me joy today was having my husband rub my feet, and having my cat asleep beside side me on the sofa. Simple things that mean alot.

    Have a good week.


  • Hi Captain,

    Thank you for this beautiful post.

    There is so much going on that's making me sad currently, and being ill for over a week, I realise that I had started to lose sight of what is good in my life.

    I've had a long weekend away from work, and managed to spend a lot of time with my beloved cat. That is the most beautiful thing for me. I feel happy and calm just being around him. And I'm grateful everyday that he's here with me.

    Just feeling a bit of sunshine and warmth is lovely, after being cold and tired and sick recently. Being able to walk around the mall without being in a hurry, no one chasing me at work, no meetings to attend, no schedule. Knowing that I can just be, and that is enough... gives me joy.

  • The weather. We live in an allee of trees and it is golden here with all the leaves. And then relatively warm sunshine. Perfect.


  • as usual I saw your message when I really needed it:)

    I was relieved today to see my son's fever come down a little, from yesterday.

    Am glad for you and your sister.


  • Just reading your happy moments makes me feel instantly uplifted.

  • Getting a decent grade on a test tonight. Being able to run around and score deals with my new coupon clipping adventures and saving money. I also was awarded a grant for school on Friday so I'm still riding that high of knowing that I will have some extra cash until I finish this degree next spring and move on to the next one! Money has been really tight the last couple months so this has been a big relief. :0)

  • Thank you for the post capt it help me this morning to remember the good things after being sick for the last week I was reminded of the good in our world a beautiful fall day that let me air my home out, my son actually saying thankyou (teenagers tend to forget lol) and my man taking care of me while pray to the porcelain god all last week haha now today I am able to get to go to work and maybe have a nice chat with my boss who wants to give me more authority hopefully a pay raise

  • For some contrary reason, it becomes all too easy for us humans to let a few disappointments in our life overwhelm us and we ignore the wonder that is always around us. But if we have no expectations, we cannot be disappointed at the outcomes of our situation. It's so much easy to go with the flow of the river of life than to keep struggling against its power. Just go with it and don't focus on what you want to happen - it may not be the best you can achieve. Spirit sees the bigger picture of your life and knows what you need, even if it might not be what you want (or think you want).

    Trust...and let go.

  • Hi Captain,

    What gave me joy today - dancing 🙂

    Also, I was able to swim today after having to stop cos I've been sick. It felt so good being back in the pool though the water was cold, and it will do nothing good for my cough 😞

    I just feel happy - and I wanted to share 🙂

  • Danceur, I'm sure the emotional boost and joy you got from the swim was well worth the risk of a bit of physical regress.

  • Dear Captain,

    Hi, I have a question of sorts if you do not mind? How do i keep constent shielding going on with this person that i'm living with? i do block him alot but sometimes just when i think that it is ok to let my guard down ,then bam! He does not belive in what i'm doing,does not stand beside me on this at all,he kinda thinks that i'm crazy and praticing witch craft.And that is how he gets in cause that really bothers me when he attacks me with that,because it is telling me that he does not belive in me,and that really cuts.Everyday is like walking on egg shells with him,i never know til i make eye contact with him what kind of mood he is in,it changes alot through out the day,i usally never say anything first to him and like tonight when i picked him up from work the min. that he got in the truck he started in on me,about how the truck is going to break in half if i do not quick going over unavoidable bumps(very slowly),and it will be my fault and that he will not pay to have it fixed.and he just went on and on.I just can not make sence of him anymore,i do not understand why he is acting like this and i want to understand,but on the same note i feel like i could move forward in my life without him even though we were supose to take this journy together.I know things have changed between us but sometimes he will be good and act like everything is great and talk about life ahead,i just do not see that anymore.I was hoping that maybe you or anyone else that has advice could give me few pointer on this?I do know that no matter what i will not allow him or anyone else change this new better person that i have become,i have good dreams for once in my life to work towards,i can do really good with the rest of my life and help others and that is what i'am going to do,

    love,light and healing blessings,

    colleen 😉

  • GIRASOLLUNA, why exactly do you stay with this person? It doesn't sound like there is any love left on either side.

  • The Captain, Good question. Befor he use to be alot of suport and encourgagment for me,he use to be so kind and gentle and caring and loving. I'm not sure what happened to make that change,at first i thought that it might have been something that i did to make this all go bad but i have spent alot of time going over the past almost 5 yrs. with him and i have changed for the better and it seems that the better,and calmer and strighter i got the worse he got.Maybe he needs to feel like people depend on him.I thought that i loved him so deeply,but he is changing all of that very quickly,he says that he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me but i just do not feel like his heart is in it anymore and i see it in his eyes too. Well i guess i just answered all of my questions,lol I knew that the answer was inside of me,i guess i just did not want to hear it,but as i reread the words i write it is a complete eye opener for me and i know that i can not turn a deaf ear to this any longer. Thank-you for listening,sometimes thats all a person needs is for someone they trust in to just listen and know that they are there.

    Love,Light,and Peaceful Blessings,

    Colleen 😉

  • Beautiful post Captain..How'd ya know I was starting to feel fugly? I was just starting to get bummed at my ever growing to do list and my ego feelings of "lack" were kicking in. But hearing my daughters sweet voice playing in her room w/ our kitties safe and warm plus the sun is out (I'm not a winter person)all will be well.

    Thank you again.


  • GIRASOLLUNA, people change and relationships need to be constantly reassessed to ensure that both partners are getting what they want and need. If you are not happy, you need to make small or drastic changes to either stay together or move on. People can say they love each other but it's their actions and how they treat each other that really tells the true story. I know that you may feel you need care and support while you are unwell but are you really getting it from your partner?

  • Pfree, lucky you! That is a gorgeous moment.

  • GIRASOLLUNA - you know your health issue is in your 2nd chakra area which is your relationship area. If you are staying in this relationship that is no longer good for you and is even becoming toxic it may very well indeed be at least one of the causes of your illness. Start cleaning up that 2nd chakra and see what happens. Food for thought...

  • Today... nice things have happened. Amidst my less than giddy mood, I got to meet my mother's best friend for brunch! My mom passed away when I was much younger, so much of what I had then was left there as I grew up and tried to figure things out. I feel like I can understand my mother as a friend now that I was able to talk to her closest confidante...

    I wrote a poem for one of my closest friends yesterday and she is so happy about it today... She was also less than giddy partly for the reason I was (my major surgery days away) and it made me happy to know that I matter to her that strongly. She is a huge part of who I am today.

    My day is not done and I will continue to find happy moments to break these clouds...

    Thanks, Captain 🙂


  • Yes, the sky is so big and beautiful it would be a shame to see only a few dark clouds that are passing through..

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