My sister needs help please.

  • hello and thank you for reading my post.

    My oldest sister has been having major problems with her mother in-law since day 1. Mother in-law has admited before that she have a book of magic. anyhow, my sister marriage is not doing so well, there house is unconfertable place to live in, its infested with ants and not to long ago there was mise roaming around. ( my sister is a neat freak, so with all that shes non stop cleaning) Mother in-law husband left her after 45 years of marriage for another woman, and now has prostate canser.

    So, I ask inbahalf of my oldest sister. Did my sisters mother in-law practice any witch craft againts her? if so, what should my sister do to stop this? please Help my sister.

    BIG hugs,


  • sweetoty,

    The mother-in-law may have a book of magic, but love conquers all in this situation.

    Ants and mice come in out of the cold and your sister must live in and old dwelling which has many open cracks in the foundation so that the ants and mice can come in, no magic to that at all. Many people stay married a long time and simply decide to no longer stay with a person after the children are raised. This is what happened to the mother-in-law whom does not have a life of her own so she makes other people lives her focus. My personal advice to your sister is to show some kindness to the woman and try to direct her into making some friends her own age and enjoying her life more. There may even be a second husband , but this may be a third for her waiting to be found.

    Your sister needs to find gainful employment even if it is babysitting to bring in more income so that they can move to better living conditions. Her marriage can improve when two hearts beat as one and they get away from meddling people and begin to listen to one another and start fullfilling their own needs.


  • Thank you Shuabby

    Its always good to have someone point out the logic to a situation..hehehe 😃

    thank you again forf the advice and your time ❤

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  • I believe that shuabby is right. Love conquers all. If the mother in law did something from her "book". Your sister must protect herself and her marraige. If your sister can travel to a church where they sell "blessed" candles (catholic church), She can buy the candle and while she is praying for a happy marriage when she lights it. Also place a picture of her and her husband under the candle when it it burning and visualize a good, happy and healthy marraige.

    I hope things get better for your sister/

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