Hi AstraAngel, Would please a reading for my sister ;-)

  • AstraAngel,thank you for taking the time to do this reading. My sister told me about you and I had to seek out your amazing insight.

    Here is my Situation : We meet July 1, 2011, and spoke on the phone that day for a couple hours, just about details and ourselves, our lives and what we wanted in life. We also was very honest that we both were in very unhappy relationships, we had so much in common and our connection was almost kismet sort of unreal and scary that it seemed like we’ve meet in our past lives, words don’t explain. After that day we saw each other almost everyday, and we kind of skipped the whole dating, He was very clear his was looking for something serious. Within two weeks we fell for each other and he told me he loved me and he asked me could I see myself marrying him. I wish I could say he’s this big romantic type all wining and dinner, but he’s not, and I am very use to men like that, this man however ,his a super hard worker and talked about us saving our money to get a home. I do feel we moved fast but between my age and his age, we both agreed it don’t take years to know the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. But now hers the thing with me, because we go out every now and then or even when we see each it’s based on his time so his ex at home is unaware that he is with me. Literally the next day or two I meet this man I told my ex at home that I meet someone, I needed to be honest with everyone, but because his relationship with his ex is more financial she doesn’t really know about me, as far as him telling her he’s not in love with her she’s known for a few years now, but in her heart in mind she is holding on even knowing there both using each other. They have a huge codependency as well as me and my ex because he’s still living with me. Some how we understand this, and we have an unknown trust for each other that this is real. I hate that she doesn’t know I think she should, but he’s a man, and thinks he’s being diplomatic. No ones perfect, and god knows I am not the one to judge. We both want to follow through and not break our leases because other people are involved. So we agreed once our leases were up which is around the same time which is June 2012, and then we would get a place together and go to the court to get married. I’m praying I am doing the right thing, but I believe if were suppose to be together then we will and this will make us stronger. Our birthdays are 051874 and his 090565. I just want a reading. Thanks so much in advance

  • Hey Virgirl

    So you are Virgirl's sister, that's cool. Okay, let's look at your charts first...

    You are a Taurus, and He is Virgo.

    One interesting aspect jumps out, he has Saturn in Pisces opposing his Sun in Virgo, and so this is creating some tension that he can't escape in his like. Saturn is feeding off of that Pisces, flowing, intuitive feeling emotional energy to exert pressure on his Virgo sensibilities. So while he is a Virgo, he contends with some Saturn restrictions in opposition that tends to lead him down some emotional landscapes. He can be a little touchy and defensive at times. Plus he has Chiron there, so that is only adding to the unsettled feelings he deals with.

    This is where you come in. You have your Jupiter very close to His Saturn in Pisces. So your expansive Jupiter is counteracting that Saturn energy! So, when he is around you he feels tremendous relief, and can breathe easy. No wonder you two really clicked and he is like, "She is it, the one for me!" He is feeling the tremendous relief you provide as your own emotional and feeling pisces Jupiter energy is very free flowing and strong. He feel safe in your arms.

    Your Moon and Venus is in Aries, opposition to his Venus in Libra. So that means your very robust and outgoing style of love perfectly balances his more laid back, reserved love nature. You mentioned it yourself, when you said he is not one for the "romantic type all wining and dinner". So that is Libra, reserved and controlled. Can be a little pragmatic. Like you are trying to be cozy and intimate in a courthouse. Your very expressive love is aries and creates the balance he so needs. Another great fit between you two!

    His emotional Moon is in Capricorn, so his emotions should be really well under control, self-contained. Although deep down he wishes he could feel more deeply...he longs for all of the emotional aspects of love. Well, again, you balance that with your Mars in Cancer. So you are very strong in the comforting, home centered nurturing nature, which he loves. So I can tell you right now, that when you two set up home together, he is going to be right there in that with you and loving it. You decide you want to bake cookies one day, he'll be the first to help gather up the chocolate chips and measure them out. He really needs "home" to feel whole and complete. You bring that.

    Your North Nodes are opposing somewhat, which is your life path. His is in Gemini, so he is working at being a better communicator, and also some more travel. And yours is in Sagittarius so you are working at becoming more adventurous and outspoken, enthusiastic and also travel. So guess what? You two are going to be doing some TRAVEL together and that is perfect to help you with your life path!

    Individually your charts look pretty balanced. So this means you each are mature and stable and so there should not be any real problems that you each "bring" with you into the relationship. Altogether it looks nice from the zodiacal perspective.

    Now, we'll look at a reading to gain some answers for your situations, and what the future holds.

    1. What is the current state of your relationship? The Hermit - it sounds like you are both dealing with this isolation issue, no doubt because of the "ex" factor.

    2. is this going to relax any time soon? Death - no, This looks like you are going to be dealing with this situation all the way to the marriage.

    3. Prospects for a June 2012 wedding - TEN OF CUPS! Excellent! You have Heaven's blessing and you will be married no problem and all of that will go really well! Why not have a nice wedding? Like with a cake and everything? Four of Swords - rent one of those big white canopies and throw a party!

    4. Are you supposed to be together? Well, we already see a wedding so I hope this is a yes... The Hanged Man, well I always think "groom" when I see the Hanged Man, so this looks good to me. And the NINE of CUPS - so a BIG YES.

    5. So you are both living with an "ex", that is interesting. How best to handle the "ex's" over the near future? The World - I do think he needs to open up to his ex, and tell all. This card shows a naked girl and so there isn't anything hidden.

    6. How will his ex respond to his announcement that he is seeing someone else, and is in love with them? The Tower - well, now we see why he is walking on eggshells with her. yeah, should she find out about his it is going to cause all holy you-know-what to break loose. So you two are going to have to play it very secret, cause if she finds out she will freak.

    The Moon - she is a very emotional person and so she will go off on you, watch your step with her.

    7. Any advice there? I got the Eight of Wands and the Two of Cups. Focus on quick meet ups, rather than longer get-togethers. You minimize your risk of being caught by his ex by keeping your rendvouz short and sweet. and the Seven and Six of Coins, Stay focused on saving money and planning your life to be.

    8. What else, Heaven? The Pope. Are you catholic? Is he? This looks like a Catholic wedding to me, or a pastor or something. You weren't planning on a church wedding? This seems to say otherwise.

    Eight of Wands - move in together in June, and then plan out a nice wedding. Once you two are under the same roof you will be free of any threats from the ex, and then you can relax. I would consider a nice wedding, you two deserve something sweet to commemorate your union.

    Nine of Coins, you are on the right path, follow these guidelines and all should work out beautifully, You should go ahead and have a shower.

    I am blessing your love and relationship and praying Heaven's sweetest and brightest best for you two. God bless you and keep you.

    Love, astra

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