Upcoming interview and a strange dream

  • Hello everyone. A few weeks ago there was a member here advertising yes or no one-question readings. I had recently applied for a great job (taking a break from school, almost done, but definitaely the kind of job I went to school for) and wondered if I would get it. The answer was that I would be well employed and happy, but unsure if it was the "dream" job I called it at the time (lol). Since then I have started a new job full time but it's not very good and I am not very happy at it.

    The original job I applied to called back on Friday! I have a first interview Tuesday morning. I'm feeling very confident about this; I definitely feel that regardless of the amount of candidates I will have the most enthusiasm for this position, for sure! Does anyone see me securing the position? Or at least advancing in the interviews?

    Also, on Halloween I had an odd dream. I had slept very well the night of this dream, and had very restorative rest. I remember waking up during my roommates alarm, feeling refreshed and awake, then went back to sleep before my own alarms went off. The dream was very interesting. The setting was pre-dawn, so it was mostly dark out (much like the time I was actually in) and there was an old building standing. I remember that the setting I was in made me think of a friend I had just gotten home from visiting; a very close and dear friend that I believe is a soulmate. Earlier during our real life visit he had taken me to see an old car wreck forgotten in the woods and parks of his town, next to a cemetery. In this dream I kept thinking about that truck, and my friend. Shortly thereafter, I encountered two older gentlemen, blue collar types in their fifties or sixties. One sat behind the wheel of a black truck, and the other walked freely. I remember speaking with them but cannot remember the exchange. I remember being aware of my neck prickling, knowing these men were not completely earth-bound, but not exactly fearful, though the man standing and walking around was a bit gruff.

    When I awoke a little later, I was completely exhausted, as if I hadn't slept.

    Does anyone have any idea what that might have meant? It's been on my mind quite a bit.

  • Around Halloween, the energies of that 3 or 4 day time period were very intense, and I believe that had something to do with your dream. You are being guided toward a higher path, and these men represent energies that, in your waking life, may seem to be harsh realities, and unpleasant employment. (That's not to say that you'll stay in your current job, just that the job is part of your path, and one of many guiding circumstances)

    You are being strengthened by unseen forces, and will continue to download ancient wisdom during your dream states. Meditate in the daytime, to integrate and anchor this information. It also helps to cleanse your temple regularly, avoiding processed foods and harsh chemicals.

  • thank you very much! It's interesting you mentioned my current job - unpleasant is a good way to put it. And it turns out the interview I had was canceled 😞

  • I experience spirits around dawn. Sounds like earth bound spirits who might not have been ready to leave or depart. Sounds a bit creepy to me, your friend taking you to these places. As far as your work--go for it--you'll do good. The more interviews you encounter the more relaxed you'll be.

  • thanks Daliolite - I am constantly on the lookout for those jobs. Searching, applying, calling back all the time, etc.

    Lol, when I re-read the bit about the site my friend showed me, I suppose that yeah, it seems creepy. But we like to explore, it was Halloween, etc., and were just spending some time together. The wreck itself, while sad, was still kind of cool because it's right in the middle of a busy residential area and just inside this park - yet no one seems to know it's there.

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