Please help interpreting these hexagrams

  • I asked the I Ching, "if she and I have a long-term relationship, what does the future hold for us?"

    And I get the following hexagrams:

    9 => 61 (3)

    28 => 32 (5)

    Is it bad or good?


  • Hi,

    Did you ask both questions at once twice? Or the first with 9 > 61 and then what does the future hold for us 28> 32

    I know it is very anxious and worrying when we start asking relationship questions,

    So I will take the first question long relationship 9. 3 > 61

    It seems from this reading that there is a problem here, ummmm something has disconeccted and movement is made difficult. an issue that both of you are struggling with?

    Perhaps deep down the when you think about it you can see feel the issue?

    What does the future hold for us?

    Predictive questions are always hard, perhaps if you put a time frame ie what can I expect in the next three months if I do x etc....

    28. 5>32

    Can show a situation which has been quite wieghed down, but line five of hex shows an older woman taking a younger husband representing a less intense reliable kind of relationship growing stronger over time. But more a friendship.

    But these are just quick answers.

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