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  • Could I ask you for some insight for my sons Lovelife?

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  • Hey Dmick

    I wasn't sure about your question... was there more to the question.

    I drew the Hanged Man = something has knocked him for a loop and he is trying to regain his bearings, he is forced now to see life from a different point of view.

    Four of Pentacles - he is pulling back in some way that has him more focused now on material issues, his job or something.

    NINE OF SWORDS - whatever it was that preceded the Hanged Man is not a fun thing. he is trying to forgive and forget, easier said than done. So he goes back to work, withdraws back into money matters.

    Queen of Cups - she must have been the heartbreak.

    Queen of Wands - and someone new waiting in the wings to fill her shoes.

    Seven of Swords - shows him winding up better off for all of the heartache.

    Tell him to hang in there, it gets better.

    That's kind of a quick read, let me know should you need any more depth on a specific issue.

    blessings dmick!


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  • Yes, I agree that she sounds like the Queen of Wands in that reading.

    Apparently scorpio and virgo unions can be very good. Her cool more demure, calm, organized nature balances out nicely his more aggressive "take control" energy. I think that sums up the attraction.

    His moon is in Libra which tends to help keep his emotions in check, so he is emotionally well balanced. Her moon is in Aquarius so her emotional life can be a little ethereal, he feeling world would be attractive as it is so different that his well balanced, calm emotional attitude. Her jupiter is also right near Her moon so she is VERY emotionally advanced, and is tapping into energies there that are right out of the future. Maybe she came from the future ha ha.

    His Mars is in Virgo, so he is activating energy that fuels her self concept, She feels more her self when she is around him.

    His Venus is also near Venus in Virgo so in both directions, giving and receiving love, he is right there with her. This says good things for the union.

    She has her Mars and Venus in Leo, so her love style of connecting is going to be very warm and engaging.

    This all looks nice to me, I can see why the connection.

    I asked "prospects for their union" and drew the Three of Swords and the Four of Wands which conveys to me they BOTH have some real heartbreak in their past, perhaps more with your son. However the four of wands is a fantastic sign of success and happiness in life together.

    I see nice energies encircling them both. 🙂


  • photo courtesy of morgue file and gracey

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