Young Virgo Male, Help !

  • A little back ground, I am a Virgo Lady 9/21/1962 totally in love with a Virgo Male 8/31/1990. I know much younger than myself. He is one of my daughter best friends , I started having feelings for him when he was 16,but have not acted on these feelings until recently He is now 21.There was a long time were he went away, had no contact with the family, my daughter inculded. Now he comes over weekly We have always had a repore with each other , he comes over now when I have invited him to dinners at our home, we go to college football games with the family. I started texting him a year ago and he texted me back, he used to text my daughter all the time about things we would do that week, but he now only texts me .He came back from vacation, I found him more responsive, he will actually let me hug him ,now understand this coming from a Virgo . He has never allowed my daughter to even hug him.I feel alot of emotion when we hug. There have been times were I know he feels something for me, we sit togehter every chance we get and sneaks peaks at me , I see him at the corner of my eye We have have gotten into disagreements recently were I will not speak to him , he will text me , chat me until respond to him.It has really bothered him , I know this because, if he didn't care he would stop, he did not. There will be times that I have texted him and he would not text me back, it bothers me , but I have read up alot on Virgo males and that is pretty much the way they are. Reading about them has helped me truly understand them , that they take a real long time to observe the people they have feelings for.and they are not like the female version of us Virgos .I have loved this Virgo for a really long time . I just need some insight and help . Will this work? Thank you for hearing me out.

  • Dear 1ofMenny,

    I would suggest that you talk to your daughter before you make any move. You might be surprised. When you hear her responce, please, believe her. Another question is - how important this attraction is to you ? Are you prepared to risk losing your daughter's trust forever over this ? As for whether this "relationship" will work out or not, it just depends on what you mean by working out. If you have in mind living happily together ever after, I can tell you right now - no, it won't work out.

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