Help on this reading Watergirl...

  • I don't really feel on my game. I'm under some stress. Anyway, did a reading for a friend. I'm getting a decision where her integrity may be challenged. I get a young influence around this situation. I'm getting loss of friends or family. Need your take..

    Present or self--Temperance

    situation--page of swords

    challenge--6 of cups

    near past--10 of rods

    future--knight of rods

    blocks & inhibitiions--world

    allies--5 of cups

    advice--4 rods

    potential--queen of swords

  • Hey - I'll take a look in the morning. I had a pretty stressful day myself, but feeling better - just a little tired.

  • Hey Daliolite - was there a foundation or crowning card?

  • Well, without those two cards I may be a bit off, but I laid out the cards and this is what I got...

    This person is being confronted with "ghosts" of the past and is having trouble putting it behind her. She needs to get things settled in her mind once and for all and let it go. Seems like a relationship - but could just be a "situation" - that turned out to be disappointing, didn't live up to its expectations, ended in loss, sorrow and regret, and it is coming through as though it sucked the life out of her. Even though she knows this in her heart, her emotions - nostalgia over what was, what could have been or even maybe still thinking about what could still be in the future - is keeping her from detaching completely. But this is what she needs to do in order to move forward so that she can reach the "what's next" in her life. Something better. She needs to focus on this emotional detachment and leading with her head/wisdom right now. Self-control, discipline, laying the foundation for a solid future, releasing the melancholy and looking forward to a new beginning with joy and gratitude.

  • Thank you! I have been drawing a lot of knight of rods for women. Can this be viewed as a knight in shining armour? For one girl I drew a knight of rods right next to a King of Cups. I've read this can be viewed as a potential love interest, significant person in life but why in future position. Does it indicate things improving? I'm going to print what you wrote along w/the reading I did for this 1 girl. She's a nurse that is in the records dept of a rehab facility.

    Thanks again..Dally

  • Your right WG, I did forget the foundation card--oops! That's just like me. I draw one, will you pick one as well as I'm curious too!

  • Well, I drew one card Death, then I said oh no, picked Tower next as foundation. I know this changes climate.

  • Based on the other cards, I felt like the Knight of Rods in her future was pointing to a crossroads in her love life It feels like there is a man in her future, but until she releases this past person the new man will not enter or she just won't "see" him when he comes along. The Knight of Rods is also about changing direction and looking forward to the future with optimism. With all the cards together it just felt like she was feeling melancholy and nostalgic over someone and she needs to let it go - cut the emotional ties - and then change her attitude to the Knight of Rods and 4 of Rods....positive outlook, faith, hope, looking forward to a future filled with joy and a relationship that is built on a solid foundation. That Queen of Swords is emotional detachment and release from this situation she is having trouble resolving in her heart and mind.

    As far as Knight of Rods next to the King of Cups, you really would have to look at those two cards in relation to the foundation/crowning/environment/advice cards. A lot of times the King of Cups is a man who is emotionally manipulative or unavailable in some way and the Knight of Rods can be someone who is just out for the physical and not wanting to commit or who is committed elsewhere and looking to be promiscuous outside that relationship. However, most people would look at it and say "Oh, the love of your life is entering your life soon!" But it could also mean that this emotionally manipulative or unavailable man is someone you need to part with - taking the other road with the Knight of Rods and moving on without him. You would really need to pick up the vibes or clues of the other cards in the spread to get the appropriate "read" on it.

    Have a great weekend!


  • Death and the Tower....she is definitely clinging to a situation she needs to release.

  • Hey, I wonder if something happened in her childhood. I've been thinking about these cards alot because it's not as straightforward as some other readings I've done. Her energy seems to be straightforward as well as up front, if you know what I mean. Her energy is coming thru stronger than the other 2 readings I'm doing w/hers. (her co-workers.)

  • It's hard for me to "connect" indirectly which is why I felt like I needed the foundation and crowning cards yesterday. Yesterday the 6 of cups and 5 of Cups was coming through as disappointment and nostalgia which I thought was relationship related but now I think it might just be a past habit or emotional pattern/response. Today I am getting that maybe the Queen of Swords is the problem - she needs to reverse that or someone else is the problem and she needs to channel more of that energy. Temperance with 6 of Cups crossing and Page of Swords as current situation, The World as the blocks/inhibitions....seems like she may be feeling pressured at work- agitated and/or burned out - and feeling like others aren't carrying their weight or can't be counted on. If she is the Queen of Swords, she is results driven, task master type so she is coming on too strong and even b*itchy with people - if it's someone else then this is the energy she needs to deal with. Either way, she needs to lighten up. Do the best she can with what she is given and not try to live up to an impossible standard or hold that impossible standard to others. There is disharmony here. Not sure if it is connected to her past - that is possible - maybe emotional problems at home are affecting her attitude and behavior at work. I am just getting disharmony,emotional imbalance, impatience (that's the strong energy you are getting I believe)... feeling overworked and underappreciated may be the cause. Lighten up is what I keep getting as the nutshell advice from Spirit.

    Once again, it's really hard to connect indirectly so I am not 100% positive...

  • OK, well, I tried pulling my own cards to see if it would help me connect. She is definitely the Queen of Swords (LOL). However, it does appear that she suffered some sort of personal loss and that is why she has become so "hard" let's say. Not sure if the loss was a child - a child energy is coming through but it feels more like she needs to become more childlike (the "lighten up" message). It feels more like she is going through a divorce or there was infidelity in her relationship. She is struggling to save it or hang on to it or just doesn't want to face it so it is coming out in her relationships at work I believe - very strong, dominating, male energy. If there is no problem in her relationship, then she is definitely just coming on way to hard with people at work - maybe being too competitive. But like I said, at the bottom of it is unexpressed or unprocessed loss of some sort. She needs to do this and give herself some down time to come to terms with it and release it. THEN, realize that as bad as it may seem, it is her choice to pick up the pieces and move forward. Lemons or lemonade - it's up to her. I know that's not easy advice to receive or hear in her situation, but that is what is coming through.

  • Ok, thanks--I agree. That's what I picked up when I first did her reading also. Think I'm trying to read too much into it. When I do that I usually get in trouble. Thanks for taking the time.

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