AstraAngel, what's this Love dream?

  • I posted the below dream last week and did not catch your attention. I was told to move it to this forum. See below. Well, another dream just a few days ago about the same friend who was busy doing public function and he was surrounded by many people. I was in the back ground looking and he was aware of it but was discreet. I saw his wife a bit away from the crowd and from him. He was unmindful of her but she was there to either show support or serve as a control figure ( or checkpoint). At the end of the day when I was to go back to my hotel room I found out that my room was given to a special guest and that I have to wait until they find me another room. My curiosity led me to check who it was that got my room. It was my friend's wife and two child -- one was a grandchild ( his favorite) and the other his child with wife all sleeping in one bed. wife cuddled the grandson as he was injured. My friend wasn't there. He was busy working. Shortly after he arrives with bodyguards and people and he checked on his grandson. I was there looking and had to say alert the nurse when she was about to drop the child and my friend looked at me, grateful and made eye contact. I saw in his eyes his feelings though restrained as saying I'm sorry about all this. Later I was curious as to what he'll do with sleeping arrangement, So I peeped in the room ( don't know how) and found him sleeping alone. HIs wife and the children left which he expected her to do.

    I'd appreciate a reading of either of the dreams. For some reason he's appearing in my dreams a lot more this last week and I wonder why. My dreams are often well developed like a film since i was a child but do not know if messages are being passed on.

    A week ago you gave me a tarot reading about this love of mine I haven't heard from. We seem to be in a lull period. The other night I dreamt about him through my women friends who I don't recognize but they know me like old friends. One of them told me about my love being followed by a young **** girl who is after him as he's a successful man. The friend told me that if there is any one who deserve him it should be me or her. And the story goes that she was his past love and bore him a child called Lina. She said it was all **** and she knows he was thinking about me even he was with her. It seems he does not know that Lina exists. What do you make of this dream?

    I like your readings. They are right on the nail or pretty close.


    I posted the above on another forum and did not get your attention. I was told to post it here. I hope you see it now.

  • Hi Tellstar

    I will take a shot at this although "dream interpretation" is not something I claim to have a much experience with. However your dreams are very intriguing and I really want to see about helping (both of us) sort this out and turn it into meaningful guidance for you.

    This is a message from your angel(s) for certain. There is something that are really wanting you to know and they are working now through your subconscious to convey this message.

    Let's start with the first dream - we'll call it DREAM A.

    Dream A - let's first of all pull out the CAST

    Your Friend you haven't heard from

    The Woman who Recognizes You in the dream (this is your angel)

    You (perceived as an old friend) - this is how your angel perceives you

    The young **** Girl (not sure what the **** was originally, however I can guess) after him

    LINA - The child of Your Friend and The Young * Girl, who Your Friend does not know exists

    So we have 5 characters in this dream. 5's are change numbers so this dream is saying something important about a change coming about in your relationship with him.

    So your angel is at your side in this dream telling you about a child LINA (and I want to say LUNA the MOON), who your friend has had and is not even aware of. That is already a clue that there is something about YOU that your friend needs to know, something deeply important. It is an emotional issue (the moon) and he is not aware of this issue, something that you have wanted to talk to him about.

    I believe the young * girl is YOU. Showing a different state of the relationship (like in the future although in your dream this was in the past, time flows both directions for angels, and in dreams), the daughter that you two had/have is the fruit of your union (was/to come) and that fruit is an intimate relationship (indicated by the birth of the emotional child). So your angels are giving you a sneak peek of something very significant developing with your friend even though there is this "lull" period - which is sleep.

    What is developing is an emotional union with him, that is the CHILD LUNA this is your birthright. I am getting strongly that this dream is designed to keep some sort of etheric connection strong with him, even though the lull has you puzzled.

    Now, Dream B - Cast

    Your Friend (he is the central figure in both dreams)

    Many People


    His Wife

    The Special Guest

    HIs Favorite Grandchild

    His Child

    Bodyguards (and the "Many People" already mentioned)

    The Nurse

    So now we have moved from the cast of 5 to a cast of 9. Nines are phase ending numbers and also tell of "organizing" matters. So this dream expands on the previous dream(s) regarding your relationship with your friend.

    Both of these dreams are solely concerned with you and your friend. These other cast members are illustrating various emotional aspects of your relationship, and are helping you two connect. I wouldn't be surprised that he is having the same exact dreams on his end, although the angels are not allowing him to remember his, otherwise he would be talking to you about them.

    These are both very intense "connection" dreams and have one purpose - to bring the two of you together. In this dream we see more aspects of your relationship.

    Many people shows your relationship in aspects of how others see you (like the outer influences card in the Tarot). These

    His Wife is you, in that role. You have concerns about being able to fulfill that role (by virtue of almost dropping the child). The Wife is also Higher Self. the Superconscious part of you.

    The Special Guest is YOU - that is a very secret lovers aspect of your relationship, having more to do with the erot ic and se x ual foundations of the union.

    His Favorite Grandchild represents the positive aspects of your union from your past memories together so far, as well as the subconscious aspect of the relationship. These are all the past pleasant memories and associations that your union has provided. These memories are provided by your angels as a cushion for your present.

    The Child is your present state of the relationship, the Conscious. The child and the grandchild and the wife are in ONE BED which means that this is all aspects of your being, superconscious, subconscious and consciousness... in bed awaiting consummation of the union.

    The Bodyguards are your angels, watching over you, as well as the helpful energies of other people you know and are in spiritual contact with who are helping you manifest this love. (Nice people on this board for example).

    The Nurse is a special guest appearance of your Guardian Angel, watching over you like a hawk, and is not going to let anything happen except divine plan and purpose for you.

    The "public speaking" setting at the first part of this dream is the awareness of your Friend in the world. Like this is his energy "out there" as it interacts with others, and your angels are helping him bring his energies to focus on you and developing this union with you. As represented by the "Hotel Room". This "room" is your life together, the connection you share and shows how the angels are bringing both of your together.

    I see this dream building on the previous one, The main message I am getting is that there is something very important and destined about the two of you, and that regardless of what you are feeling, seeing, in the outer world of sense-derived reality the TRUE reality is that you two are already in union, on many levels, and that the fruit (manifestation) of love will come in the divine right timing (the BED).

    The fact that you are having these dreams with him, this vivid, with this many "cast" is a strong sign that there is a union with him no matter what you are seeing in the natural.

    There is something LINA / LUNA the Moon emotional issue which is important to actualize in the union. I am getting that something happened between the two of you which was not opened out, and should be, an emotional touch point, (could be a hot potato) and that something is hinging on that. What might that be? Are you in a place to communicate easily with him? I know there is a "lull".

    Wish positive energy his way. You are supposed to be at his side (the Public Meeting) and this is destined. Pray, read Song of Solomon.

    "Draw me!-

    We will follow you eagerly!

    Bring me, O king, to your chambers.

    With you we rejoice and exult,

    we extol your love; it is beyond wine:

    how rightly you are loved!"

    Song, Chapter 1:4

    begin today to DRAW or sketch out these dreams with him in a journal and note any verses or words that come to you associated with the dream. Are you already doing this? This is important.

    Notice how in the verse it is "WE" will rejoice... that is the three aspects of your womanhood, Super/Sub and Conscious. I believe the angels are teaching your some incredible truths about your dreams and these will in turn help others. Very powerful. You are right, your dreams are extremely vivid and serve some vital part in connection building between us. Beautiful!

    I hope that helps... this is all kinda new to me, so this is all what popped into my mind. let me know what you think, and add/subtract as needed to arrive at your truth.

    Hey, Here is a pic for you! The TelStar satellite from 1962.

    and also a pic of "energy trails" which is what dreams are, raw etheric energies of relationships, and then the angels bend and twist all of this at night (subconscious) to convey the energy aspects to us of relationships. When we remember the dream we are being gifted with a material interpretation of our life together in heaven (which I believe is where we go when we sleep).

    Chances are you and your friend are very connected in heaven and when you awake you are acting out scripts (as ordained by the angels) to bring about highest and best union for the two of you in material (earth) the end result being - the nurture and care of one another and the earth.

    Hope that helps! This dream stuff is pretty cool.


  • AstraAngel,

    Precious reading is what I call this. Yes, this dreams seem to be nagging messages from my angels to do something about it, i.e. to communicate/re-connect. I hesitate because I don't really know how re-connection affects him or his situation. He stopped connecting for a reason. I tend to think that it is not safe. He is in public office. He has a family and wife. What will happen to all that even if I know that he wants to be with me. I do, too, but he needs to fix his situation first ( which I never told him to do). Throughout our teen years we worked together as activists feeding on our principles and stood by these principles even if we had to work apart. We respected each other there. I never knew, however, that when we were apart he asked friends to watch over me. When things went really bad my dad sent me really far, continents away and it was held as a family secret. My sister told me recently that someone went to out house once looking for me and they denied my whereabouts. For 30 years friends thought I died, but not him. When he finally found me he told me that I was always on his mind and dreamt about me a lot. He was worried about me all that time. I also dreamt about him. Several times in those 30 years he came close to where I was but didn't find me. I didn't know he was looking and didn't know friends thought I died. I was never really happy in my life. I have only been working and found pleasure in my career but my heart is empty. Married someone and divorced him in three yrs. because for one I felt it was a lie. I wasn't in love. I had boyfriends who proposed marriage and I broke off with them. Now I am facing this with my friend. He said something about marriage but I dismissed it as over excitement of having found me. I do want it but not under the circumstances he is in and I understand the difficulty of solving that problem. I sense that he hasn't been happy either most of his life and our finding each other was quite a spark to our lives. Is his family situation the "hot potato" that I couldn't talk about or he's wondering about? I guess it is and I think it is not my place to bring it up. I think it is for him to decide on his own. We both know we love each other deeply. I don't want to hurt him and I think he feels the same way about me. But the lull hurts and I bear it quietly and I feel powerless. But over a year ago, angels brought us together. Should I rely on it this time? I received several emails lately but I suspect they are hackers and not him.

    Your images are great. It is interesting that 1962 is about the time I also started remembering vivid dreams.

    Thank you very much. Your reading is precious to me.

  • Tellstar

    I am happy you got something from my attempt with your dream! I have a better sense of your situation now, and those dreams are really picking up on the energies of all these various players... him, his public work, wife, kids, and you are seen as a type of "salvation" in the second dream, even protecting one of his children from harm.

    You are very right on the fact that HE has to be the one to sort out his own personal situation in order to reconnect with you. I can imagine that with his kind of work it might be a challenge. And yet, you two obviously share a deep bond of love, so that is really a factor too. I see these situations over and over and I am really struggling here to understand why, as deeply feeling emotional creatures, made by God to love one another in spirit and truth - why our lives so often land us in situations where the spirit and truth is NOT there, and then we are hindered from connecting with someone else with whom we DO share a spirit-truth connection.

    You can see that in your dreams, the obstacles to love, to true relationship, it is quite strong. Contending with the forces and cast members of our lives who seem to almost be conspiring against the manifestation of what a truely deep and meaningful relationship can and should be.

    I was sharing some with Danceur on another thread with her, she is dealing with a situation that is different, however her heart is like yours (and mine), longing for something deep, and intimate and connected with another - what I call true love - and yet there are problems and forces, that seem to war against us, that prevent the expression of that. Someone doesn't respond seems to be the connecting thread. I have seen this in my life, and I am seeing it in others lives here. That might be a good thread for you to read TellStar... here is the link:

    My heart is telling me that we are finding some sort of heavenly love out of all of this. In spite of our relationships that are problematic or that are thwarted in some way.. at the end of the day we still have that one relationship that never leaves us or forsakes us, and that can only Heaven, or Spirit, or Jesus and angels... or something! Up there, in our hearts that IS faithful as opposed to life situations that are not exactly working out. That is the best I can come up with.

    I actually have a personal relationship with "heavenly spirit" however it is hard for me to talk about that without it sounding trite. It is like, talking to the wind, communing with your own heart as the Psalmist said. How do you explain something like that, a heavenly relationship in the midst of pain and separation from ones we actually love on this earth? I cannot explain that, however it seems the only place left to go.

    And so what do we do while we are feeling that pain of separation from love? Well, you start hanging out together on Tarot forums, or going to church, hoping to offer some encouragement to one another.

    I mean, were it up to me TelStar? And I had the divine power to do so I would arrange circumstances somehow to bring you and your friend together TODAY! I Would turn heaven and earth upside down to bring people together who actually have TRUE and DEEP love one for the other. A love you can FEEL, not this phony, plastic, "i love you because i have no choice while I feel dead inside" kind of love. That is not love, that is a LIE and you live lies long enough and you become numb.. numb to pain, and numb to anything real in your heart... numb to taking care of our planet. You basically die, and that is what many today are contending with.

    Okay, you got me preaching ha ha... the good news is THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE! The STAR card in the Tarot, and that is you TelStar - it is even in your name, YOU are hope... you love to hope, you have a great heart of compassion for others, your activist nature is admirable.

    Hey, I will draw some cards and see what Heaven seems to want to share for you in this matter...

    Dear Heaven, what do you want TelStar to know about this situation with her friend?

    Eight of Pentacles... well she is very concerned with natural beauty and love, she herself is the fruit of her own garden. She is abundant love.

    My take on that is that the LOVE you have for him is strong and true, and that can't be denied. Meanwhile, you are taking care of yourself and nurturing your own surroundings and letting that be your base of operations.

    and the Three of Wands which is a card of collaboration. And of your efforts coming back to you. This love that you have had for him will come back to you. Your material work is the FOCUS though.

    Two of Pentacles - multiplying your resources, and a possible opportunity to move. ANother pentacles. the energies are certainly mostly centered on your practical efforts right now.

    The overall sense I have is to keep going as you are, tending to your own projects, focusing on the talents you have and then love will come back to you as a result. The LOVE energy you feel for this man is your love, it is a heavenward love really, and so that will be reflected back to you in a most divine and deeply fulfilling way that will transcend anything you can imagine. Perhaps his situation is not something he can change. And maybe that doesn't have to change, and you will still find the love you long for!

    keep me posted. I am have prayed for you and him, I am wishing for a miracle for you.

    love and peace

  • Hey Telstar

    I wanted to share this with you I thought it might spark something for you.

    I was in church this morning and part of the message was about a dream, where the pastor was in college and was facing final exams the next day... only to realize to his horror that he had never gone to a single class! And then the "message" was on preparation and being ready for Christ as in the parable of the ten wise and foolish virgins.

    Then, as I was driving home, a bus passed by that said "REGAL SATELLITE" really big on it and I thought of you... like that might be significant...

    I think you should continue to focus on your own path (the WISE virgins) and know that you are royalty in heavens eyes, and that matters will work out to the absolute best for you here. I wanted to share that. We were seeing those pentacles with you earlier which is material wisdom and staying focused on your own path/work/efforts...


  • AstraAngel,

    Thank you very much for your kindness. Yes, I guess, all I could do is continue what I've been doing, which I do well. I'm a cappy and a workaholic. I think that before I leave this earth I'd do something that needs to be done that no one wants to do. I hope the future would be pleasant. Still I think that I was born to complete something and that meeting my friend not once but twice dramatically means something. I am one that says" find out what it is and complete it or your soul will be back again and again until its done. So, I'll find what that task is and do it.

    All psychics I've talked to say the same thing--that my friend and I are twin flames and will reunite to complete a task. When my friend proposed marriage and I took it lightly he said, " So, do you mean we'll wait until the next life?" He's thinking, too. He actually had suggested me moving back with him. I kept quiet through all that. Cappies don't rush. They want to think first. What do you think?

    Thank you.

  • I would have accepted his proposal. Email him tonight and tell him you have decided yes!

    I though you said he was already married and kids and all? Or did I mis interpret what you said?

    I don't get it.

  • AstraAngel,

    Sorry to have confused you. He's married but not happy for a very long time. It seems his wife has been feeling that's she's not a first choice. The children are all grown. They all lead their own lives and he devotes his time at work. When he suggested marriage I reminded him that he's married. He said, " but's there's a solution--divorce." I kept quiet when he said it because I thought that it wouldn't be easy to do. I guess he's finding out that it isn't easy to do. He told me that he and my dad talked and that my dad liked him for me. That was nearly 40 yrs. ago. There were lots of details that all indicated him wanting to have a life with me, even this late in life. I wasn't sure if he was talking to himself or asking my opinion. I kept quiet through all of it because I wanted to think first. Correspondence via email went on sweetly and then a lull.

    : ).

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