Why has my Cancer man disappeared?

  • I am with a Cancerian and am an Aries. We've been together for 5 months - out of which I was away for 2 months. I've just returned. we've had some good times...he keeps disappearing. At the beginning it was for a couple of days at the beginning of the week and then he'd appear. Once I took a while to answer back when he contacted me after a vanishing act and he said 'Are you not talking to me anymore?'. I didn't tell him I was indeed doing that but let it go. I quizzed him and he said - nothing sinister - just catching up with friends and most sleeping in. I left it at that and was getting used to this trend...then he stood me up after making plans to spend the evening with me at my place. I got angry and blasted him - was a bit tipsy as well. I apologised the next day but he still didn't turn up for a house party I was having. He finally contacted me 4 days later and said he'd been down with gastro - 'I wasn't ignoring you or anything like that. Are you still pissed off with me?' he asked me. I know that he wasn't bluffing cos his flatmates had come down with it as well. But I did ask him if his fingers got gastro too and that in the future he needs to send me one text at least to let me know since silence sends out all kinds of wrong vibes. I went away for 2 months - he kept in touch, waited for me and initiated our catch up. I was so impressed with his staying power. Another friend of mine was away for the same amount of time and her bf dumped her once she got back - 'you were gone too long' - was his excuse. So in light of this I admired what my guy did. However, since the morning after our catchup I have not heard from him. It's been 14 days. There was no indication of him losing interest or being detached - no at all. My flatmate's puzzled too at the moment since he saw him and even told me he was 'super keen'. I know he's broke and cannot find a good job....and worried about his visa. And he's been going through this for the past 5 months. I know he's in a bad place but he shouldn't go all silent like this. Am trying not to take this personally but it hurts. At least send me a text to let me know he needs to sort things out or that he wants to break up. I don't know whether I should attribute this to him being a Cancer...or to depression or that he's plain gutless and rude. Only time will tell I guess. I am not prodding him. I have let him know am here if he needs to talk and that I am not angry....just concerned. I guess he has gone into his shell out of pain....but it's not nice to keep me in the dark I have seen what depression can do to a man...my ex lost his job, spiraled into depression & broke up with me. He was a stranger to me....he loved me a lot and was wonderful to me before he went down. I hope I don't lose another good man to this. However, it might all be cos he's a Cancer...!! Any insight would be good...thanks in advance!!

  • Follow your intuition Aries

    What is it telling you?

    If a man knows that he will be greeted with love and not doubt

    If the words from you are..."How are you, truly?"

    and not

    "Why haven't you called?"

    He will tend to be less afraid to express what is going in his head and in his heart.

    If you ask him from your heart gently, for the truth

    open your heart to his words

    Listen for your inner self to respond.

    If this is someone you wish to share your life with you must concern yourself with what he is feeling....and when it is revealed you will know which path to follow

    you are trying to do so

    However, dont let his actions or non actions rock your world into mass confusion.

    Be still.

    Ask for guidance and wisdom on the situation, and be acutely aware of what knowledge is given you.

    You will know the truth of the matter, it will be revealed to you

    If you feel all is not above board

    follow your intuition

    ask for honesty and truth

    If what is there does not satisfy your soul you must let it rest and let peace return to you

    time reveals all things

    and to those who face the truth without malice or fear

    it will come sooner

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