Three of swords keeps showing up

  • This card has shown up in each and every relationship reading over the past 6 months and even if a friend has pulled a card for something completely different. What is it I am not aware of that is killing our relationship and why do I hear heartbreak and sadness will be the outcome if I don't act and what am I supposed to do?

    Thank you


  • Paddi -

    The 3 of Swords can mean a lot of things, but in your case it is stressful communication, conflict and quarrels, emotional pain or upset, feeling irritable...basically, disharmony! Not hard to see how it relates to your life right now so don't try to read more into it - it's already right in front of you and you are aware of it. In a nutshell, it is representing the current difficulties in your relationship. It can also point out that this is a narcissistic injury (gee, know any narcissists in your life you are dealing with right now?). So this card is pointing to a stressful situation that involves someone hurting your feelings or acting without consideration for your feelings or just tactless or hurtful words. It encourages you to summon up the courage to speak instead of holding yourself back because the situation is tense - speak your truth!



  • Also, sometimes all the hurtful words or anger needs to come out - everything laid on the table so to speak - in order to clear the air so you can rebuild, restructure and move on with a new and more solid foundation.

  • WG,

    Doesn't this card also come up when there is literally a 3rd party creating disharmony or coming between two people? I seem to get this card a lot 🙂 so your reading helped esp the narcissistic bit.


    whatever it is I hope it clears up soon.Since it is a minor arcana card maybe it has only short term implications.

    Love and Light to you both

  • Maybe you can pull another card, whenever you get 3 swords, asking for advice on what aids you best in dealing with this situation?


  • Yes the other 2 cards were 9 of wands and 4 of cups and as far as I could see hte 9 of wands is all about accepting the love you are being given for what it is.

    Thanks Watergirl for relativising it for me if that is a proper word.


  • Paddi - The 9 of wands is about self-coinfidence!!! 4 of Cups is refusing what is being offered....sometimes it's a good thing and sometimes not.

    Suramya - yes, the 3 of Swords can point to a love triangle, but that is not the only meaning it has. All of the cards have multiple definitions or meanings based on the situation at hand and the other cards in the spread is what helps you to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

  • thanks for clarifying Watergirl!

    Paddi, I usually read these two cards exactly as Wg said.Nine wands usually indicates:persevere ,you are about to win .Do not give up at this point.

    $ cups comes up for me when Im turning my back on whats being offered.Too bored or tired or sick at heart to socialize or accept an opportunity being offered by a friend...sometimes it is a useful turning back like Wg said.

    Love and Light

  • To me 9 of wands represents someone who has been hurt many times in the past and is now much stronger and wiser for the experience .

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