Astraangel a follow up question if I may

  • Hi astraangel

    You recently did a reading for me under the topic 'Virgo man' and I was very grateful but I was wondering if you could do a follow up reading for me. If you can't I understand as you are very much in demand on this forum.

    Basically I hadnt been speaking to my Virgo man because I was upset over his new gf situation. So he subsequently got in touch with me and told me he didnt want to lose one of his closest friends (me) because he has a girlfriend. However I don't know if I can do this and just be his friend as I have feelings for him. I'm wondering if I should tell him how I feel or will he eventually come forward?



  • Hi Tades

    Let's take a look...

    I drew two cards

    1. Going to him and telling him how you feel: Three of Swords - My first though is heartbreak here, as in, you approach him and "it all comes out", your feelings for him, the girlfriend he has, the whole kit and kaboodle. And he can't really change to address your feelings, he has a girlfriend, yet he still likes you and wants to keep you as a friend. Ugh, this doesn't look good.

    2. Waiting for him to come forward with you: Knight of Swords - this looks good to me, he is rushing toward you in fact. I sense that your friendship is actually very deep and strong. He is troubled by the fact that his new gf has caused a rift between the two of you so he is having to work through that. You are having to work through the reality that he has someone else who he has feelings for.

    I think this has impacted him more than you realize, and he will be the one coming to you to resolve matters.

    Seven of Wands shows you fighting more with yourself than him. Were we all perfect creatures we would thrill over one another finding someone, we should all want the highest and brightest best for one another. Should that mean that our closest friend meets someone special and they fall in love, and live the most wonderful life, then we should give thanks to God and rejoice that they have been so blessed. Love always wants the best for the other no matter what...

    "Love... does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered..." -1 Corinthians 13:5

    In other words, we should thrill over any love that another finds, and not let that hurt us. It can only mean something good for you too!

    I feel you are being set apart from him while you ponder what love really means, and then he will approach you at the right time, When he does I would really encourage you to see him and tell him how happy you are that he has found someone... that will release him to remain in connection with you. My feeling is that he wants you on his side with his gf... i'll bet he wants to confide in you what he is feeling about her, and you can help him on his way... you have nothing to lose! Who knows, he may be so impressed with your maturity that he will find over time that the connection with you is a lot more profound than he realizes!

    You take a break and think about this, pray and read that verse once in a while... this reading indicates tha he will be approaching you soon and then you can restore matters with him! I think it is sweet!

    Blessings and peace


  • Thank you Astra. Of course I want him to be happy I really do I guess the selfish side of me thought he would find happiness with me on a level other than friendship. He had made a move on me 3 weeks ago and I turned him down as I knew he was involved with his new girlfriend but he got with her 2 weeks later officially so that's why it hurts even more. I need a break from him but I don't want to hurt his feelings either. I need to digest the situation and your reading again thank you for answering my question

    Blessings to you


  • Yeah, I think the thing with "friendships" is that you really have to pace yourself with your friends feeling... at the first sign that he didn't want to go deeper with you, just keep it to yourself and find another way to express it... like journaling... and release that energy in a constructive way that shows respect to the friendship and doesn't press him into a corner, no one is going to like that.. and then, no matter what he does, maybe he then goes out and finds ten girlfriends! so what! You are taking the higher, mature road and not letting your emotions dictate your actions... not easy to do.

    I have sure been in your shoes many times and screwed up nice relationships because of my intense out of control emotional life... oh well, that's how we learn. You do NOT want to repeat this pattern though, this is an important life lesson to learn. You are getting it... hang in there...

    love, astra

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