• Hi WG,

    I just noticed that a few of us made a mistake in wishing you well with your sister while it's your niece that needs the extra well wishing at this time and moment.

    Sorry about that.


  • Maggs so, so sorry you are not feeling your best, this too shall pass, we all go threw these stages of life. You have gotten good advice, i think also it's good to stay grounded and protect yourself with light. I think you are just experiencing "Soul Growth" as we all are. Happiness is a state of mind, WE CHOOSE. Trust me I have my days too, no one is perfect. Just put one foot in front of the other and keep on keeping on. I think we were all brought for a reason and a season, and of course we bonded I have forged friendships that I will never forget, I have found unconditional love here, non judgement and a sense of Unity and some of the most selfless people I have ever encountered of which I Am Thankful. I think of this also, most main stream people do not yet understand the changes going on with Mother Earth, the Accension, etc. This is one of the few places where you can talk the talk and everyone understands, gotta have a base somewhere. So just like a Mother bird whose chicks soon learn to fly, she has to let them go but they always eventually return to the flock.

    Watergirl- You too are also so giving of self, you have to take a break sometimes to recover from the energy drains! Mags I've prayed for you and sent you love and light." Watch out for energy vampires. Love All!

  • OOPs

  • I too came here looking for answers to a relationship problem. The selfless advice and support from people all over the world is helping me to create a new world view for me. The view not only includes how I am reacting to the choices in my life but also the world as in all of you. The world is populated with wonderful giving people.

    I believe that the majority of people on Earth are here to grow. As students we are responsible for putting in our very best effort to see and learn the lessons we have been offered. Once that has happenened we then become teachers, supporters and cheer leaders

    It must be difficult for you folks to find souls that have a greater knowledge than the teachers I have encountered here. I guess it is just my way of sayimg thank you for helping me with the difficult lessons in life.

  • Abetterplace

    I love your name i hope it rubs off on this forum .

  • Thanks Poetic ,

    It nice to hear from you .

  • Miss ya!

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