• This site used to be good , i really enjoyed coming here .

  • This post is deleted!

  • Livingonaprayer - dear friend - what has changed? Are you fed up with all the relationship woes and love angst? That has always been here! I feel your disenchantment but it also feels like something else has cast a shadow over you -- what is it? How can we help you cast it off and see things in a different light?

    I pulled a Goddess Healing card for you....the full message is below, but it just really feels like the important part is aiming for a positive outcome - your outlook on life has become "muddied" by something. Please let us know how we can help...

    Consider the path of: WISHES

    What you set your heart on at this time will surely come true. Aim for a positive, happy outcome. A window of opportunity is opening for the healing you desire. Take advantage of this fortunate moment. Get clear on your goal and make the best use of your time.

    Love and Hugs,


  • HUGS!!

  • HI Maggie, well one year ago you started a thread called Anything Goes and we got to be really close friends along with RC so for that I will be forever grateful to this site.

    Hugs to you


  • Hi Guys

    Dmick thanks for the kind words, Dancear for the hugs and for the card WG ,I just feel thatt his place has lost its vibe. Sheelagh yes T7 started that thread those were the best days . i am forever grateful for it as well . Ive feeling low lately have all sorts going through my head i feel that i am never alone , the spirits in my house are with me when everyone is out , they make there presence known now very strong. I am trying to meditate but that is totally not happening, i cant seem to shut everything off in my head ,so to speak its like my mind is in overdrive 24/7 which is causing me not to sleep well either . I know i am heading for burnout but i feel there is nothing i can do to stop it getting to that point .

    Love2 all LOap:)

  • Ooooooo Mag no burnout please. Will take a look when you are sleeping.


  • OMG you're leaving LOAP? Please don't leave I'd really miss you 😞

  • And I truly hope you're feeling better 🙂 I'll pray for you and everyone tonight

    Love, light and blessings. Wish you the best in everything-if there is anything I can do-a chat, anything-I'll be there 🙂

  • I haven't been here much lately either but it's good to see you and everyone else! I miss you guys but I swear, I just have to fight so much to get computer time with 3 teenagers. Weekends are almost always out late a night which is when I usually get my time.

    Anyway, could your feelings be attributed to the changes coming on 11/11 and beyond? I think it has everyone out of sorts kind of. Sorry you can't sleep. My sleep schedule is all screwed up too.

    Take care.. AB

  • HI LoaP,

    I agree with you yet this is something that has happen over and over for the couple of years I have been coming here. When I dropped on this forum there was so much information amongst ourselves about all aspect of spirituality and the ones very good at it are no longer active here.

    So much has changed and I have been researching it for quite some time now. However you look at's our personal contribution that makes it what it is at the moment.

    As Watergirl pointed out there is a avalanche of relationship woes and angst ...this too will pass.

    If you feel you need to take a break do so (I have)..if not just hang back and drop in and wave when you want to.

    Take care,


  • Oh LP I kinda of feel the same restless and the "noise in the head" just wont quiet down very very restless plus it doesnt help that I am down with the flu for the last week I will also add my prayers for you it feels like something big is coming and I for one can't wait whether it is a good change or not. something has to give ya know

    love light and many many blessing

  • LoaP,

    Make sure you are grounding yourself or shielding yourself from lower energies, OK? If you have spirits around you that strongly and you are feeling low it may be seen as an opening for some lower energies and I did feel that around you - just not sure if that was just your own feeling low and depressed or if it was an outside energy.

    And believe me - I get it. There are times when I say that I am done with this site and not coming back any more. All of the neediness and victimhood can be overwhelming, frustrating and even maddening at times. Sometimes I just can't believe how much people take for granted and how much the little things in life consume people rather than seeing the big picture. But then I have to remind myself that I go there at times as well.

    I actually owe one reading on my Halloween thread and then I also will be taking a break. The past few days I have been consumed with family stuff and I am also getting really focused on getting a dang job this month if it kills me 🙂 The family stuff - my beautiful niece that just had a baby - she is ill. When she had her blood test done last year to determine if she was pregnant, she found out that she had somehow contracted Hepatitis C. She couldn't start treatment because of the baby. Now that the baby is here she had new blood tests done and the doctor told her last week that due to her blood type and ancestry, her chances of being cured are basically zero. So I have been focusing all of my energy on sending healing to her and convincing her mom to get her to another doctor (I had a really strong sense that the doctor was the problem). So to come back here and see all the teenage angst about love just makes me want to gag.

    All that being said, we are indeed in the midst of some very strange energy - often very "shadowy" let's say - which I feel will be cleared at some point this month and things will be changing for the better. Let's hope all the hoop-la about November 11th is correct and that's when the shift will occur!

    Once again, Love and Hugs to you,


  • I myself have requested relationship help on several occasions and am thnkful for the insight, I think it is not so much the questions as the refusal to accept what is answered, no thanks and in some cases to be told you are a fake or useless. I am glad my ability is talking to dead people. They have all the time in the world for you to get their message right.

    Sorry to hear about your sis WG I hope things work out for her.


  • Sorry to hear about your sister WG. I hope you can convince her mom to get a second opinion. I really do.


  • I am so sorry for your sister watergirl - yes she needs to change doctors!! my man for the most part is curred of his hep-c (99.9%) just tell her becareful of the meds that the doc's put her on they are worse than the hep-c. but they have so many new things to help & the south beach diet works really well

  • Sorry guys - I was tired last night and don't think I communicated very well! Relationships are the main way we learn and grow in our lives so relationship questions, per se, are not a problem at all. I just know that at times LoaP, myself, and other readers can tire the endless questions that some people ask - over and over and over again - without really listening to the guidance that comes through. And the questions of when will he call me, why hasn't he called me, should I call him, blah blah blah when there are other things to focus on and be grateful for can be maddening 🙂 I know we have all been there at times, but sometimes the "avalanche" does come in and it can be too much. So, LoaP, take a break if you need it. We all do at times. It just feels like there is something else going on with you that is causing discontent and we all want to help if we can so please share <3.

    And thank you all for your kind words about my niece. I really feel like she will be okay once we get her to the right person for treatment. Working on that now...



  • Hope you are feeling better LoaP was thinking about you many blessing and prayers are sent your way

    watergirl I will also include your neice in my prayers

    lots of love hope health & prosperity to all

  • Thank you Shadowmist!

  • Hey everyone ,

    Thanks so much for all the kind words and advice it means alot ,im feeling a little better now i just keep thinking of the old saying of if life is getting on top of you then its not passing you by. I know there are many more people out there who are worse off than me . Ive actually been thinking about taking up spell casting as everyone keeps buying me spell books for gifts ., these gifts have come to me in the same way the tarot did, i never went to it ,so i take it as a defenet sign for sure that im meant to take it up .

    , WG

    Im so sorry to hear about your sister , my thoughts and prayers are with you ,i know of a few people who have hep c and they are doing very well and leading normal lives .I dont feel the spirits in my house are lower energies as the energy i am feeling is ok i feel comfortable with them being here ,but i know they can tell im feelng down and that is making the veil thin for them to come through like you said .I cant wait for 11/11 to be over so i can snap out of this .

    Love 2U All Loap:)

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