Psychic Input Needed

  • I recently had some info given me by what I would call a spirit guide. I was in a trance-like state, I had just awoken from sleep. It was morning. This is the usual time when this activity occurs. The guide said, "she hasn't told you everything." It pointed to a social worker I had recently dealt w/regarding my mom. I thought, ok, I'm gonna find out more.

    I had a meeting with her and some others at a rehab my mother has been at but will leave soon. The meeting was about some of my mom's lifestyle, driving and care. The social worker wanted me to discuss w/my mom choices and possibly assisted living. My mom wants to come here with me. She's been living w/me last 6 months. We agreed she would come back home.

    Today, this social worker was basically in my face (but on the phone) about the need to go to assisted living. One of the reasons why is because my mom drives and takes off whenever she wants. In assisted living they still have the use of their car. I told the social worker that could happen at assist living. She was going thru all the reasons she should go. She came on strong.

    I am trying to get referrals for local doctors for my mom and lay down hard and fast rules for her to follow. I didn't appreciate SW's tone and was wondering what anyone could pick-up as far as what guide was telling me. I believe I made the right choice but sometimes wonder. Guess time will tell.

  • Yes, I feel you made the right choice - your mother would feel like a bit of a prisoner and somewhat abandoned in assisted living. This social worker only takes into consideration a person's physical needs and not emotional or mental ones. She also thinks she is always right and will go a long way to try and prove it (because basically she is insecure about her own judgment). Stick to your guns!

  • Thank you.

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