Going on a date with a Pisces tomorrow evening. Help!

  • seasiren~ no offense, but you need to get a grip..you're the very reason Cancerman should run..you talk about himp playing head games (bratty & spiled) what are you 13 years old??? your have a high maintenance type of attitude you described for a Pisces...if your as atractive as you say, you use yor looks to flirt and trap unsuspecting guys like Cancerman who just want to have a good time and open communications....it seems Pisces enjoys playing those games for self gratification..the man took her out to dinner, the least she could have done was show a little gratitude...if she had a bad day, she could have told him or cancelled and rescheduled...but no, she played the game...from what you describe Pisces as, I dont think she was upset she ran over a kitten, more like a broken fingernail...Oh Poor Baby......and broadcasting your millionare date is jusy a sign of conceit....I'll give you a hint...its not your brain we want, thats obvious......its whats between your legs...and you're not the only one who has it...competition must be so hard on you....I bet you even follow the Kardashians....theres an old saying...what comes around, is coming around at you !! happy gaming...

  • Cancerman~ I apologize if I sounded too unsupportive of you, I do and I feel for you. Disregard what SeaSirenDiva said above, they always want to SPIN it on you or us (males). What I mean is this. If you date an atractive woman, and to me, they all are, all woman have a certain quality and attraction. But when you meet a woman who ahs agreed to meet you, is very attarctive and how you know this, its only the guys in the room who look, thts easy, but its when the woman look at her as well, then you know you got something special. But when the girl you are meeting knows it as well, then you need to be careful. You dont want to walk into an ambush and you Cancers cannot take rejection. But go in knowing and feeling confident i yourself that this woman is with you, and has wanted to meet you. But you always have to remember, if you just met this woman, who is off the charts in attractiveness, then surely, there must be someone else. There has to be. There has to be one or more guys that she has. An attractive woman, and a woman like the Siren above who flaunts it, will more than likely have guys coming up to her all the time. You are no exception. So dont act like youre in line and holding #67 waiting for a date, fuck that. Plus, you dont want to be a 3rd wheel, if there is someone, you dont ever want to get involved in that because it will always turn out wrong. You need to walk in and act like you belong there and that she should be excited to be with you. Walk in, and act like you want to know what all the fuss is about. Act different than any other asshole before you. Show her that her attitude has brought her nothing but jerks who want a trophy to fuck.....thats all it is..she's nothing more than an ego girl...Theres an old saying and the Siren girl above just reminded me, because its her all over, a mink coat doesnt make love to you at night. .Always have fun and joke around and dont be sarcastic if your feelings get hurt, when that happns, its over and you might as well walk out and save your dignity. You need to master REJECTION...

  • Cancerman.. Cancerman.. Cancerman!!

    Hang in there if you really like the girl! Pisceans are mutable.. they will change their mind if you give them the right reason to. My cancer ex was not exactly the muscular knight in shining armour (We piscean girls are a s***ker for that!). On our first date, it was even awkward because we ran out of topics to talk about and I didnt feel that spark either. But with time (3rd date), I saw that he was very chivalrous, he opens doors for me (even if i can do it myself :p), pulls me a chair, calls to check if i reached home safely.. I really appreciated that.. So that was the "knight" attitude I was looking for.. and he totally scored! My point is... keep it subtle but be a gentleman 🙂 She will definitely notice it! Don't be too available either, let her miss you a bit.

    Another possibility might be that she might not be emotionally available.. So if you really want her, you have to hold your position and be patient (not too available either).

    Never ever be sarcastic or rude to her or to anyone in her presence (like waiters) because she will definitely cut you out.

  • Exactly NeptunianDreams. .....well said fellow Pisces, well said....

    @ TP: You make me laugh. (in a good way though..) I love a good debate. My sun may be in Pisces but my moon is in Capricorn. 😉 Nice balance don't you think? Just for the record, I do follow the Kardashians...(ha ha ha...) I do, I admit it. Funny group of ppl. Anything that makes me laugh is worth exploring more. And, curious as heck, I'm guessing by your response TP, you're hiding your zodiac sign from us.....why? I'd bet you're a Gemini or a Virgo..How close am I getting?

    I never said Pisces girls aren't hard work, we are for sure but we're talking about Cancerman's vegetarian, attitude bringing date that went south on the poor guy. How do we know she wasn't drunk or on her cycle or yes, broke a finger nail? (do you know long it takes a Pisces girl to get ready for a special date? (A looong time) He never told us. And she DID tell him as soon as she arrived [from what his email says] that she had a bad day so he was totally aware of it. Taking that into considerate, instead of him becoming defensive, he should of dropped his insecurities & played nice. Pisces love nice guys although we pick the bad boys. Why? I don't really know. It gets better however as we get older. No, I'm not 13, I'm mid 30's so now I seek the good boys. 🙂

    I don't own any mink coats, fur is murder to a Pisces. PETA all the way! 😉 And Cancerman;s date was a vegetarian...Look, what Cancerman needs is some of the new advice you provided at the very bottom of your latest email for sure except the advice where you told him to ignore mine. I'm all about self-confidence, no harm in that. And yes, most, not all, but most Cancer men lack self-confidence despite their over the top pay checks that they may earn. Yep, I mentioned the Aries gentleman who I let go not to brag about that I could land a millionaire because I grew up very wealthy so money is no big deal but now I work for a living so I appreciate the value of a dollar. And, Cancerman did probably go out of his way to impress his young lady (that is their nature) & yes, she didn't respond the way he'd hoped probably because of all the internet & book hype about how Pisces & Cancer are suppose to be this perfect couple. He's probably read all about it like I have. Plus, didn't you mention he went after a Scorpio girl too? That is suppose to be Pisces other perfect mate. Not true in the real life of things. However, I do admit that Scorpio is the best sex ever! You're not a Scorpio are you TP? lol...

    Cancer men are very kind in general but can also be little brats themselves if they feel threatened. Although, he bailed on the whole "flowers" idea which I sort of felt was not that good of an idea because girls like flowers-no matter the sign, we like them, period. Since his date ended on a sketchy note, those flowers may have just been the ticket at the [end] of this so-so encounter to bring her around. Being sarcastic & being a bully towards humans or animals will chase off a Pisces girl no matter what. We Pisces may play or [act] the victim but we'll kick you to the curb faster then you can say "hello" if we think you're going to be cruel to us or to others. We respond to sweet gestures & love. And that better include the waiter, the valet, the mail man & the cop that just pulled you over.

    I know you find it very hard to believe TP but we Pisces girls are not after the man's money. When I said we act a certain way to gain the advantage, I was talking about love...having him fall in love with us because we know that money is needed for life but we feel it's a "dirty word" to us. Love on the other hand is our ultimate quest in life. It's the holy grail for a Pisces. It's nice to have beautiful things bought with money but nothing is more beautiful to us then, "True Love." 🙂

  • SeaSirenDivba~ A Gemini, please girl..I AM a Scorpio 11/18....and dont give me your money isnt everything bull, I can read you a mile away. I knew you'd watch the Kardashans and follow all the little girl things, why I bet you have a Paris Hilton dog and her perfume..but keep in mind, even she's on her knee's....Cancerman should not have brung flowers, you bring one long stem rose if you bring anything...she had an aittitude, so she didnt deserve it. Like I said, if you have a bad day, then reschedule. But I guess you might look at it as just another free meal, I'm sure the way you sound, there are plenty others. I just wish guys would learn the easy way instead of the hard way....like I said, they will act foolish and not themselves because of popluarity and vainity. They want a trophy trunk that's a slut, instead of solid values. We do yhink with our little head and thats were we get in trouble. The problem is woman like you who take adavantage of that, but what you need, is a real man. Yea, you want love, love to you is unlimited line of credit..because it's competetion between you woman...but thats ok, you're going be like the Kardashian, wasnt that love, 78 days the marriage lasted....thats true love !!!

  • LOL you guys are cracking me up! Thanks for all the advice and support but I'm not sure I can bring myself to chase after someone who doesn't make an effort to be in a good mood on a date. I definitely don't want to feel like a women is worshiping me, that's for sure, but a smile and warm hug at the beginning of a date should be a given. I specified that I wanted to take her on a "date" and gave her ample opportunity to say no, so it's hard for me to make excuses as to why she seemed so uninterested from the get-go. If she messages me, or calls me, I would consider giving it another shot, but I don't think I will go out of my way to get her attention.

    Thanks again for the insight and advice everyone!

  • Hey Cancerman , how are you!!

  • So, if men only truly want us for what we have between our legs, then why should we even bother? I mean really, would it not be easier for a man to just go buy that then play the whole courting game?

    I mean really..it would save so much pain and grief.......

  • @TP, I knew you were a Scorpio. I felt it....I just wanted you to admit your ego. (hehe)..Dang, trapped by the elusive fish once again. Yu fell right into that. Made me smile! Ahhh, you should stop being so bitter towards us Pisces girls because we love nothing more than to come play in the warm waves & sunshine with you. So you admit you have a "little head?" Opps, did I speak out of turn there? (giggles) j/k...;)

    @Cancerman, Here is your quote: " LOL you guys are cracking me up! Thanks for all the advice and support but I'm not sure I can bring myself to chase after someone who doesn't make an effort to be in a good mood on a date"

    Here is a female Pisces take on that. "INSECURITY." You're putting yourself down as if you don't matter. I'd bet you're probably very handsome and talented in some way right? Be more positive on dates. Love yourself more like TP loves his right hand for example. lol...Pisces girls are like scientists mixed with a private detective mentality. (Yes, TP, you're included here too because you feel what I feel most of the time...but not all of the time).

    Cancerman276, have you noticed that "water signs" are here to support you? Neat huh? Plus "earth" has stepped in too. Take this advice and use it because we all care about your happiness. 🙂

  • SeaSiren~ I guess I deserved that, but theres a good reason your called a fish! I don't get made or upset, hardly, especially from someone who thinks as you do, a scientist? Brains an beauty, hardly! Please, Pisces has no where the depth of a Scorpio or the intuition. You just keep talkin SeaSiren, you gave yourself away on your first response and now your trying to take the higher ground, and try and look good. This is a debate not worth debating. Get this right, I dont feel what you feel and thank God I dont. I know where your values are. You are a littke girl playing in the waves and sunshine....Have fun...I'm sure ther's plenty of men waiting in line for you...just not this one ...

  • WOW!! Your all's back and forth is cute, except, why the hatred? Really?

    Where does hatred, walking away, self pity have a place?

    People are amazing!

    We are all unique, different and exceptional.

    Our pasts dictate our presents.

    Sometimes we grow from our pasts, sometimes, our pasts take more time. The depth of the hurts, dictate the time that is needed to heal.

  • Oh, and for what its worth, big deal you both can "out" word one another...

    We Taureans laugh at that!!

    Can you both out "real" another???

    If so, then you have a point..until then...not so much......

    Life is NEVER a battle or contest.........life does not care about who is right or who is wrong..

    It cares about who is true and who is false.

  • Ha! Speechless both you??

    That would be bc at the end of the day, people should NOT have to compromise who they are for the "approval' of someone else. It is either there or it isn't. No harm ,no foul, move on and carry on.

    However, when you find that one who stops you dead in your tracks..you know, the one who you would move heaven and hell for....simply bc they are the "one"...THAT is when words, time, meaning has no value.....that is when we should consider ourselves lucky.

    When you look at that "one" for the 1st time, you just know...or you speak to them for the 1st time...

    It's just there.....

    There is not doubt, fear, the need to control, the need to out wit, the need to prove or out do...

    Just being in their presence is enough.

    Looking into their eyes, brings you a calm that surpasses all....

    If I was in a competition to be better than anyone I have ever loved or could love, my life would be very sad...and empty....

  • @Cancerman276

    ( I specified that I wanted to take her on a "date" and gave her ample opportunity to say no, so it's hard for me to make excuses as to why she seemed so uninterested from the get-go. If she messages me, or calls me, I would consider giving it another shot, but I don't think I will go out of my way to get her attention. ) Posted by Cancerman

    My experiences with a Pisces?

    They are mutuable signs. Which means they have changeable personalities and will eventually adapt. Combine that with their water elements and moods. My ex would be happy one moment, and completely sad the next. They can be very unpredictable. You have to give it time. I have never known a Pisces to be money-hungry or superficial. They're way too 'artistic' for that. Because they have adaptable mood swings, you have to take the emotional lead in that relationship.

    This simply means create the ambiance but offer confidence, consistency and stability. No rudeness. What worked with my ex was home cooked meals, snuggling on the sofa, being an active listener, offering sound, and logical advice. They're really not that difficult to please. Just need to be w/someone who is attentive, but emotionally stronger than they are. And yes, they can cry and be sentimental at the drop of a hat. And he was a Pisces male. LOL!

    But the rewards are worth it. A Pisces, if enamored with you, will defintely place you on a pedestal. He was a great boyfriend. We were young. He eventually went into the military.

    Your mistake Cancerman,

    You shut down. Kept your guards up. Didn't bring the flowers (which probably would have lighten up her spirits for the bad day she was having). Ambiance is very important to these signs. Really.

    I don't think you came on too strong, in fact, it was quite the contrary, you 'shelled' up instead.

    If she does contact you. Tell her that you did not appreciate her rudeness. A Pisces love a good backbone. My ex couldn't get enough of it! Lol. Try to be firm (stand your ground) but not aggressive. Why?

    It shows genuine interest.



    I hope everything works out for you. You seem a like a real nice guy.

  • Thank you Taurus7 and TaurusFemmeFatale

    I felt guilty about the way I treated her and apologized for my less than pleasant mood. I am hoping she will realize that she started the date on a bad vibe and reciprocate.But if not, I will let it go. I was stupid for letting it get to me in the first place. It's not like she was being incredible rude or anything.

    I genuinely agree that there should be a lot of sparks when you meet the "one" but I am not so sure about that anymore. We have all felt sparks when we met someone really cool, and we've watched those sparks fade away when we realize a person is not who we thought they were. Most of us have also seen sparks fly when we realize that someone is more amazing then we thought they were. So I am no longer sold on the idea that there must be sparks in the beginning.

  • Cancerman276,

    You should try a Virgo Woman, lol, we rather like Cancer men. Find then quite initimate, quite candid with their clever wit and humor and certainly enchanting. Try one, you might like us:) Otherwise best of luck to you with the Pisces or other sign you are drawn to.


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