Going on a date with a Pisces tomorrow evening. Help!

  • Hello Pisces women!

    So this is my first time going out with a Pisces and I am super excited about it! I would LOVE any advice you could give me on things she may or may not enjoy doing. A few things about her. She is sweet, dresses great, is a vegetarian, and is a musician. I met her through a friend of a friend a few years ago and was told then that she would be interested in going out with me, but at the time I was in another relationship. I reconnected with her on FB a few weeks ago and decided to take the plunge and ask her out this Saturday. I was very revealed when she agreed. 🙂

    So here are some questions I have.

    Should I bring flowers? If so, what kind and how many?

    Should I plan the whole evening myself or should I see what she is in the mood for?

    We are definitely doing dinner but I am concerned about picking a good place since she is a vegetarian and I am not. Any suggestions?

    Things to do after dinner? Movie? Bar? Got any fun ideas for me?

    Thanks so much! 🙂

  • Oh YAY!!! Just be yourself!! I know a little about Pisces...my youngest is one...she LOVES thoughtful things......I say do something a-typical.......If you take flowers.....take something exotic. Like an orchid. In a pot.

    I would go to a cool place.....like a cool comedy club to start off with. Then, just see where the evening goes.

  • Thanks Taurus7!!! How are you??

  • Roses are wonderful but something bright and cheery will do just as well .It really is the thought that counts. Pisces are all about connection. Plan it yourself but keep it low key. She'll want to hear you talk about yourself. Romance but no pressure. A Pisces will run if you move in on them to fast. I was always a sucker for the shy guys.

    Take her to dinner. Is there a park or something similar close by? Take her to that and just talk.

  • Thanks PiscesParadox!

    I was thinking of taking her to an art museum before dinner?

  • I would say, why not cook something for her! Doesn't have to be a full blown dinner.. just something nice.. and so casually.. just ask her if she wants to have a taste of it! Worked for ex cancer guy with me!

    Oh and do talk about yourself, your passions in life. I think park is a nice idea.. we love outdoors and greenery! Sit in front of a lake and talk ..If you can make her laugh, it's a huge plus 🙂

    All the best for your date and yes I like someone wearing tasteful cologne.. 🙂

  • Art museum is a good idea. ANY museum is a good idea! Neptunian Dreams is right. Guys who aren't afraid to be silly are amazing! Part of my attraction to my cancer guy is his love of being silly and teasing. Good luck!

  • NeptunianDreams I think I may be one of the only Cancer men on the planet that doesn't cook. I'm also not very close with my mother, which from what I've read is not common. I am going to teach myself to cook for sure. Should have done it awhile ago.

    Anyway, thank you all for the advice! I am super excited for this date!

    Where you at Piscestarr!!!! Miss you!!

  • How was the date???????

  • Hey Taurus7

    So the date was not great. It started with her telling me she was having a "crazy" day and that she would just meet me at the restaurant. I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt, but when she got there she greeted me with a weak hug and zero excitement. After we were seated, the first thing I asked her was how her day was, and she mentioned nothing about the "crazy" day she had. I got this vibe that she felt like she was doing me a favor by going out with me, so I immediately put up my guard and wasn't the gentleman I wanted to be. The conversation was ok. We ate and laughed a little but I just never got the feeling that she was excited to be there, and that just kinda put me in a bad mood. We finished dinner, it was around 9:30pm, so I asked her if she would like to grab a drink somewhere. She thought about it for awhile and then she joked about how she is an old women and she had better get home. So I walked her to her car, gave her a hug and sent her on her way.

    When I got home I text our mutual friend and told her that the date was ok but I had a really hard time reading this girl. She has known this girl for a long time and assumed me that she is indeed hard to read. She said "I'm sure she had a good time". I obviously have my doubts. I hope that I did truly misread her but either way, I don't know if I care to take her out again. I don't like taking someone out that can't at least fake that she is excited to be there. Especially when I told that "if she wasn't feeling up to it, it was totally cool".

  • assured me not "assumed me" lol

  • Hi Cancerman276,

    I'm a Pisces female so I'll try to help you with your new friend! Looks like I'm a day too late though. 😞

    I'm sorry your date didn't work out but Pisces base the entire date on first impressions. We look at your height, your build/ weight, if you have perfectly white, straight teeth, we prefer men with hair, not bald. Were you dressed properly? Did you smell nice? Are you a big, rugged and handsome type of fellow? Picture the whole [knight in shining armor thing]. Did you bring her those flowers? If so, I hope they weren't red roses because we truly dislike red roses even though we'll act surprised and say "thank you." [ we love pink roses mixed with star-gazer lilies or lavender roses the most.] Did you give her flowers at the beginning of the date and did she have to carry them around? If so, that was a big mistake. Since you both drove in separate cars, you should have given her the flowers at the end of the date instead because she'd have no place to leave them as you both went into dinner. Did you take her to a dark, romantic place where she had lots of choices on the menu and a small intimate table for two? Over looking the ocean would have been magical for you both. But a small, candle-lite Italian place would have worked out well too. Did she have pasta, salads, finger foods to chose from? [we love low-cal finger foods to nibble on]. Did she drink too much or did you? Did you order a "just alive" lobster or a "rare" steak in front of her? 9 times out of 10, a Pisces female becomes a vegetarian for only one reason-her love of animals. [she's lying if she said it was for her heath]. I hope you didn't drill her on her food choices or her vegetarian views right off. That would have been a huge turn off. Did you take her coat, pull out her chair, put [your] dinner napkin across your lap? [ yes, we're watching your manners like a hawk] Did you walk her to her car afterwards? Pisces is all about the romance and we are as sensitive as you are. You Cancer men are a lot of fun and very chatty which we enjoy but she might have been very tired from her busy day or maybe she's got another man on the side and they had a fight right before meeting up with you. [pisces is not the most loyal of signs. hehe]. Something else...Pisces and Cancer are suppose to be the perfect match but in reality, most Pisces females find Cancer men not to our liking. Why? I'm not too sure myself other than we know you're as emotional as we are and that can turn us off. [such as you admitting you went back into your crab-shell..ie, put up your defenses] Pisces like the controlling Virgo's or the boring but sexy Capricorns. Again, why? I have no real idea because they treat us badly most of the time but, we do find that these the [real men] out of all of the zodiac signs [to us] although I'd bet a few Aries will disagree with me. 😉

    Poor guy. I know you had high hopes. Ask her out again. Can't hurt. Well, it can but take the chance if you found her to be funny, pretty and someone who if she was in a better mood, you'd enjoy dating her long term. Call her and use your gut instincts on the phone. If you didn't go to that museum, take her there next [we love, love, love art] then just go out for simple drinks afterwards. [some pisces girls love, love, love drinking.] Not a pool bar though but perhaps instead to a piano sky lounge with a nice view. We don't want to do a movie or big dinners right off, that comes later in the relationship. Good Luck!

  • @SeaSirin11, I would like to believe that Cancerman would have gone all out had the ladie allowed him to.

    I'm a cancer woman and one thing I know about pieces man and woman is that they are hard to read and you hardly know when they are really impressed or least impressed.

    Follow you gut Cancerman, if you dont feel the connection being reciprocated walk away, she is most probably letting you down jently and if you feel she is worth giving another chance then go for it. I dated a pisces man and we got along like a house on fire.

  • I dated a Pisces.

    My experience?

    Very emotional creatures. Clingy. Changeable. Crazy (in a good way).

    Lovely people, though 🙂

    I would have to agree with Seasiren11...

    But only to a certain extent.

    They would have to be w/someone who is way more emotionally stronger than they are.

    ...And someone who is more grounded, have their feet planted firmly on the ground.

    They live in their own dreamworlds. Seriously. They do! No kidding!

    My experience with a Pisces was a pleasant experience.

    But it wasn't perfect. I took the emotional lead in the relationship.

    I'm a Taurus.

    The mistake you made Cancerman276?

    You 'shelled' up and didn't tell her about herself.

    Allowed her to be rude, impolite, evasive, bored.

    Said and DID nothing.

    Pisces require 'backbones.' Stability. Emotional stength.

    They have have fickle, changeable personalities.

  • Yep, I agree with TaurusFemmeFatale. That's why I said we do better with a Virgo or a Capricorn man because these two zodiac signs/guys lack any deep emotions [ they base everything on logic] and they have strong back bones for us Pisces to lean on. ue to this, these two signs seem to balance us out since Pisces are well known to be all over the place with our emotions. 🙂

    And I agree with CancerDiva too. Follow your gut on this one. We Pisces girls are as sweet and loving and gentle as you Cancers are so if you can open up and not be defensive then you might have a good shot at taking this a bit further. You did mention some laughs happened so that's always a good sign! 😃

  • Hey everyone thanks for the insight! I guess I was expecting a really sweet women and I feel like I got a little attitude. Again though, I could be wrong, as you said Pisces are hard to read, and my God was this women hard to read! As you know, Cancer's are intuitive and it's hard for us to feel comfortable around people we can't read.

    I did not bring flowers and I'm glad I didn't because I don't think she would have wanted them. I smiled when she arrived but again, her greeting made me feel like she wasn't exactly excited to be on a date with me, so I immediately put up my guard, which is not something I thought I wouldn't need to do. She looked lovely and I think I looked nice. We ate at a small trendy (but not overly trendy) Thai restaurant. The food was really good and the atmosphere was nice.

    Perhaps I was not "manly" enough for her and that's fine. We have met in person before and I have never given off an overly manly vibe so I'm sure she knew the type of guy she was going out with.

    I feel like I may have been, unintentionally, a little rude. I'm not typically a big smart a-s-s but I may have been a little more than usual. I did playfully pick on her a little but it was all I felt I could do with the perceived attitude I was getting. I felt a little on the defensive side which is not at all my style.

    Should I apologize for what she may have perceived as me being a bit of an a-s-s? I don't think I overdid it but I think I may have said a few things or gave a few facial expressions that may have been taken the wrong way. At the same time though, I went into this date with a smile and nothing but kindness on my heart, and I ended up feeling like I couldn't be myself. I think I'll just let it go. There just wasn't any sparks, and I know that sparks can be deceiving, but I think there should have been at least a few???

  • I meant "which is not something I thought I would need to do"

  • Cancerman, Cancerman..what am I going to do with you...I'll tell you right now what happened..you got too damn excited...no offense but you act like this is going to be your wife!!!....lets see, a couple weeks ago it was a Scorpio and now a Pisces....dude, next time, do something real light, a sports bar, a place where theres lots of distractions...act like, you dont freakin care....do small talk, keep your distance...a woman does not want to be smothered...dont be too intimate on the first date!!!....youre way to focused on her....you came on way too much and you got too close..no, freakin no !!! you back off.....man dont get to excited....act like youre dating and you have no time for relationships....I mean lower your expectations..way to much pressure...this way you leave with no worries....so get out there and get back on your feet...I would delet her number and move on....maybe you'll have better luck with a Aqurius !!!!

  • I hate admitting this but TruePhoenix is right.

  • I'm sorry TruePhoenix but I don't agree with most of what you advised. 🙂

    OK, yes, we Pisces will run if you try to take our freedom away before we're ready to give it to you but TP is suggesting playing head games to win us over and even though you might think this will work, a Pisces girl who really understand herself will see right through your game play. I think Cancerman276 discovered the problem himself in his last post. She showed up with "attitude" or so he thinks, which isn't uncommon for Pisces since we know we're very pretty and we know that men usually can't resist us. We are bratty and spoiled and we expect a lot from the men we date so a little attitude is to be expected sometimes. We try not to be rude but she did tell him she had a bad day prior to meeting him so that could explain why she wasn't her sweet self at first. Since Cancerman276 had met this girl before, he should have been able to pick up her [vibe] about how she felt towards him prior to their date. I'd say she was into him at first because she agreed to go out on the date with him, right? This tells me she was interested until he started picking on her. Cancerman276 may have come off as sarcastic and rude in some of his actions. Those two things alone will shut a Pisces woman down faster then anything. If she was just sort of into him and was looking to see if there was more to him, he blew it with his actions. I once dumped a very handsome, multi-millionaire Aries man who was sarcastic towards me. He admitted he was so attracted to me that he lost his head and thought he would handle it with sarcasm, aka [playing head games]. I dumped him for that reason and after 5 years, this man still continues to still chase me. lol

    And I think the "look" she gave Cancerman276 when they first saw each other on their date probably had nothing to do with him, he mis-read that. She had a bad day and was struggling with that still when she arrived on their date. It showed on her face so he took it as an insult towards him. (sensitive cancer)....Maybe she ran over a kitten in the street earlier , who knows. lol

    Cancerman276, go try & find yourself a nice Capricorn girl. She'll be able to handle you much better & the females of that sign seem to be very nice people. 🙂

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