Dont know where i'm going with this but feel free to read and give your thoughts

  • I feel that life has many plans and what we do in it gives us one of the many different out comes that have been put in. That puts one of those wheels in to play and ones wee do that there is no going back. But some of the plans that wee get may seem unfair to us and it makes you think time and time again why me and not someone else and you meet the ones how have it worse. They say that ''god doesn't give us more than we can handle'' and in my experience and the friends i 've made through it its true to me and them. But why are those the ones its given to and why are we always saying we hate are lives when there is so much we have yet to know and see?

  • mooncharm

    I like that you understand the basics of life and still understand that there is so much we have yet to know and see. I do believe that we earn the level or choose the level of existence we are born into. If we want to experience spiritual growth than we just might endure many challanges in our lives to overcome, and if we grow and move through them with courage and faith than you step up on the ladder of blessings to come to you.


  • Shuabby

    Thank you for listening and sharing your thoughts

  • Mooncharm, I understand what you're saying and agree with what you have expressed, having lived through many of life's ups and down. Unfortunately at this moment in my life this understanding is wearing to the point of having no more hope or faith in things to come. I have been through so many things (as have many others) but right at this moment I'm not sure if I will get back up off the ground where I've been kicked to yet again. I'm not sure what scares me the most not being able to get back up this time or getting back up and not having hope/faith any more...I guess I'll see

  • I fear losing faith & hope the most and I also feel so frustrated. It is like the old saying when it rains it pours. But the only thing it seems is to keep trying in order to grow did that come out right? I feel like I have been beaten & kicked to the ground so much in the last ten years I sometimes wonder if it is all worth it. I do try to count my blessings & things to be thankful for but it is so hard at times

  • Hey ! Don't lose Hope ! Whine, bang your head, scream, vent whatever (i do it all the time...) but don't succumb ! I learned many things the hard way and still learning but after each slap on my face i'm grateful i had it, as crazy at that sounds....We're here to learn our lessons and become stronger, these are the rules, i didn't make them but i know Spirit sets hardships in our paths but also brings many great people to help us and you know what, they arrive at the right time !

    There are always others who seem more blessed, more gifted, more privileged but the trick is to concentrate on ourselves and what we do because each path is different, each soul needs different lessons. It's just a matter of choices and what we learn while we draw breath. If we understand our current life is but a step of the long stairway to Heaven it all makes sense. Trust in Spirit, trust in what's good within our hearts....and now i stop because i hate been mushy lol 🙂

  • "I fear losing faith & hope"

    See dear Shadowmist ? At your darkest hour, Spirit brought me again close to you can despair for real hahaha

  • Hi Shadowmist,

    Hang in there 🙂 You are not alone - if it helps you in any small way to know that.


  • Thanks guys I need that & seehorse I really do like the dark lol I did take a short walk in the woods this am & it was beautiful it is sad also as I fear they will cut it down after they build the new houses. and strange my daughter wants me to move closer to her she lives by the main river for our city but it isnt a very good neighborhood only mobile homes and it is a ways from my work place

  • someone said "i was miserable because i didn't have shoes....until i saw someone with no legs"

    I was unhappy because i live in a country on the verge of bankruptcy....until i thought about Fukushima.

    I can't post the you tube link here, but recently i watched a video that changed my whole perspective of things. There was a young man born with no arms or legs. And he made jokes, he learned to drive a boat (!) , he was giving lectures for people to see him and know that despite the fact he would never get married, have children,etc etc he grabbed every chance to make the most of the time given to him on this Earth.

    Everything happens for a reason, perhaps with every hardship a little bit of bad karma from past lives is lifted from our shoulders. It's hard, can be brutal at times but i believe we should regard everything a test and trust in Spirit. I like to believe it never abandons someone, it's us we abandon hope sometimes 🙂 (i do it all the time bahahaha)

  • Hi Mooncharm,

    I believe that we have experiences for our own growth...and i also believe that we have the experiences we do so that we have learned to cope with them we can reach out to other people who are going through the same things to help them in their life.

    Once we focus on giving this particular assistance and begin the cycle of loving without expectation a great and wonderful healing takes place within our selves.

    All of your experiences are valuable. All you live is part of the cycle of our conscious mind as a whole in humanity. You are a great part of the whole, so never feel little or unworthy in your own eyes.

    Aloria and Shadowmist, dear hearts, if nothing else for the day, you are are loved, do not let that one thought leave you.

    If you are able to access a digital camera, go forth on a day when you can to take some photographs of the world around you. This kind of reflection may be helpful to your souls.

    Much Love to all.

  • thank you patchlove for the kind words it does help. I did take a few pictures yesterday and took another walk it seemed to help but I still feel anxious and I hate this feeling. I did go on the job board and found a job I would like to apply for but then I would have to move and I am not sure if I would like that or not or it could be I am afraid of change 🙂

  • This is your reading Shadowmist. I must confess i had a hard time grounding and centering myself on this one, strong energies around you my friend ! So here's what the deities of Giza said :

    Past : Hapi (reversed) The God of the Nile river. He was responsible for watering the meadows and bringing the dew. But most importantly he brought the fertile inundation. A flood can be viewed as something destructive but is absolutely necessary for next year’s crops. Showing up reversed, it speaks of a past where life wasn’t easy, dreams and expectations weren’t realized. But Universe works in mysterious ways and maybe these hardships were designed to bring your Spirit here, now. The lessons of the past help us avoid the pitfalls of the future, struggles make us stronger, wisdom from hardships fertilize future efforts.

    Challenges/Obstacles : Seth (reversed) oops. Tough guy this one…The God of Desert, storms, confusion and infertility. His positive aspects are intelligence, great strength, determination and perseverance but his dark side is…well, DARK ! You must overcome the present situation of struggle, fights, snap out of the vicious circle of feeling bad about things you don’t have, fight the lack of plans or ideas or being scattered. This fits perfectly with Hawk’s message : FOCUS. Choose your priorities and eliminate all distractions. Assess the situation carefully and objectively employing emotional detachment as it clouds your judgment. Determine a feasible goal, what you really want of your life and focus on pursuing it. Clear out the clutter, focus on your path and it will start to manifest itself.

    Solution : Nepthys (reversed) No wonder the counter to Seth’s malevolence is his wife ! Nephthys disguised herself as Isis to get the attention of her neglectful husband Set, but instead seduced Osiris. In another version Nephthys intended to seduce Osiris from the beginning and drugged his wine to make her task easier, while a less common myth held that she did trick her husband into a brief dalliance in order to conceive Anubis. Coming reversed, this rune suggests solution will not come from scheming or hiding the truth or searching for tricks so nobody gets hurt. Sincerity and truth are the best strategy here, with others as well as yourself. No wishful thinking, concentrate on facts. Don’t abolish diplomacy but call for the light of Truth to illuminate your path. If it’s about a job, don’t try to be something you’re not or strive for something you’re not capable of accomplishing, it will backfire.

    Outcome : Nut (upright) Well, something good for a chance ! Nut is the Sky Goddess, of spectacular beauty and incredible kindness. But she had affairs with other Gods and when when her husband Ra found out cursed her to not be able to give birth in any month of any year! However, cunning Thoth helped her in a very clever way and she was able to have 5 children. So the message here is ask for help. You’re not alone in this world, you may not like to burden people but someone close to you can offer valuable insight, a clever solution to what’s troubling you. Talk with people you trust and know they genuinely care for you. Someone may propose something you’ve never thought of or give valuable advice or know someone who can help you. Break the vicious circle of sadness, reach out and ask for what you want. And remember, Universe helps those who help themselves 😉

  • Hey all!! Wow!! How true, life can just be hard. Not because anyone has done anything wrong, just bc life goes far beyond each individual.

    I said that to explain what helps break life down into 2 categories, the decisions that we make in our lives and the decisions that others make to effect our lives. The decisions of others, we cannot control. We just have to accept them and not allow them to destroy us, but enhance us.

    Even when those decisions are horrific ones that effect us badly. It is hard, but over coming is so important. Growing and learning and developing into the person who resounds to be the most true within us, that is all we can strive for. Those are the paths that we should choose to walk down, bc when we are true to our souls knowledge, guiding, hinting, that is where we need to be.

  • Thank you seehorse that was very enlighting & insightful.

    I think I have an answer why this was hard for you. a friend told me I was picking up others feelings & emotions and was not shielding myself. probably because I was so sick the last few weeks & wore my self out also I get the feeling of death around me I had this feeling someone was going to the otherside about 3 weeks ago and then my exmother-in law friend passed away and the feeling is back again really really strong and yes I have had these feelings in the past & someone close to me passed away.. I am around a lot of negative people most of the time & yes it includes my teenage son!! These seems to be no respite as for my job it is not a job I like but I have to pay the bills & the job market here sucks and for the 1st time in my life I am worried that I will not find a job more suited to me.

    an my hawk is a female she came and sat on the rail of my home and I did ask for direction and she looked at me then flew up to the tree very strange

  • I really didn't know here its was going but seeing all you guys have to say i now know why i said but feel free to read and give your thoughts cus we all have a time when were lost and to tall some one abut it can help us all and if were not in that dark place its good to give an ear to another to show we have all been there

    thank you all for showing love to each other

    may the night bring all peace and love

  • Mooncharm - simply beautiful and well said......

  • yes mooncharm very well said it is good thing to talk and not be judged and I am very thankful I am starting to feel somewhat better and once the after effects of the flu (it just drags on) are over I will be able to focus. I know everything happens for a reason and I do not mind lerning the lessons but sometimes I get tired of the struggles

  • Shadow darlin - what's wrong...I have no clue, but I have this deep sense that you are broken on the inside.....are you ok?

  • hello taurus7 how are you? going thru a lot of stuff since the end of sept trying to clear out the soul and it has been really really hard lately like everything hit at once. I do feel much better & stronger today

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