Help on this dream Please!

  • Last night I dreamed about the one I love. In the dream someone tells me that they (he and his girlfriend) are marring on September. And at the moment they were visiting my country. I cried and than woke up. Is this a premonition or a fear based dream? I wonder on this because I heard the detail of September.

    on the other hand, the only thing i could relate this dream in a fear based is that I had the worst experience with him on September, few years ago... and September gives me creeps because of it. but I still wonder what is this dream telling me.

    I am trying to move on and I am very close, but I think he is not ready yet and is throwing shadows on me here and there. get to suffer his pain too, and this is making it hard. Can someone give me some input on it too.

  • No this was just your higher consciousness urging you to let go. This man is not thinking about you any more. You need to move on as your higher self can see that he is very serious about this other woman.

  • Thank You Captain !! I think so too.

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