Relationship Question

  • Hi, there is a woman I like at work that I felt very drawn to on both a spiritual and physical sense when we met unlike any other meeting I have experienced. I was told by a psychic that I would marry this woman and that she was my soul mate. She further told me that the relationship I was in at the time would end. Since then that relationship has ended and not by my doing. I am now single and it has been approx. 5 months. Nothing new has happened with the mystery woman, although I think she is still around me as we did work in the same building. I recently tried to contact her via a social networking site and I am awaiting those resuls. I'm fairly certain this woman did like me before, but I think the feelings between us (which seemed mutual) and the fact I was in a relationship caused much confusion for her.

    My question for you, I just conducted a spread regarding this woman and what would happen between us now. Here are the cards I received, can you tell me if anything positive will occur between us?

    1st card -- Atmosphere is 2 of Swords

    2nd card - Obstacle nine of Swords

    3rd card - Best to achieve without dramatic change is Strength

    4th card - Situation is based on 7 of Pentacles

    5th card - A passing influence is 7 of Swords

    6th card - An approaching influence is 9 of Cups

    7th card - My role or attitude is the Star

    8th card - People I am interacting with the Moon

    9th card - Hopes, fears or unexpected element is 10 of Pentacles

    10th card - Outcome is 3 of Cups

  • Sorry, one update to the cards above...the Obstacle card is actually the 8 of Swords, not 9 of Swords...please keep this in consideration when interpreting the cards...Thanks!

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