Please help...

  • I had lost my engagement ring.. 😢 Someone had suggested I try a tarot reading to help me locate it. Please help me if you can and in return (if you would like) I will do a distant Reiki treatment for you. Please and thank you ❤

  • Did you recently visit someone's home - friends or family - or did you recently have visitors to your home? I am getting that this is centered around home and socializing/visits/travel. Also that someone who you trust is not trustworthy - a friend or possibly someone's child?

  • I am 99% sure the ring is somewhere at my house but no, I had no visitors at my house that day/night.

  • Does anyone else have any intuitive feelings / could do a reading for this please? 😞

  • lunarale

    i pulled a card on this yesterday, and had the Magician and saw the table... and my thought was to look under tables and chairs.. especially near the legs.

    so there is that

    then I just drew the nine of cups and this felt like the "kitchen" so I would check really well in and around the sink, anything laying around on the counters that could have swept up or caught the ring.

    And the king of cups so the cups, glasses, any bowls and things in the house that it could have dropped into.

    I hope that helps, I prayed too that you find it, hopefully something will work

    blessings, keep us posted


  • Sorry lunarale! My outcome card was King of Cups so I knew it was in either your home or someone else's you had visited. All the other cards were about travel and or short trips/visiting and sooo many cards indicating a child or young male. In looking at AstraAngels's cards....that Magician can be a "trickster" know like slight of hand type stuff - the shell game. And the 9 of Cups can represent a self-indulgent person so those two together also kind of point to someone taking it that you may not think would do something like that. Are you sure you haven't had anyone in the house (if that is the last place you had the ring)?

  • Yes, positive 😞 There was no one at the house (i live alone and no one visited that night) and only for an hour of time it was off of my finger, on the kitchen table, after that it was totally gone 😞 I was hoping that I'd find it after the wedding (maybe it had to be gone for the time that it would've been "needed") but still nothing..

    It's truly a pity.. There was so much love and energy of excitement/anticipation from him that went into the ring and it's gone..

  • Hey lunarate

    I am getting some leads on this, however I need some more info from you.

    Please walk me through the exact sequence of events leading up to disappearance, and what immediately followed.

    You mention a wedding. Yours? And you live alone? I am a little confused.

    And I will get a distant Reiki treatment from you once we find this, correct? Capricorns are always looking for what they'll get out of the deal ha ha....

    thanks, astra

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    You are most correct about the Reiki treatment 🙂

    I lived alone and still live alone. We had our wedding on Nov 19th last weekend. My husband is from Seattle while I live in Vancouver and I won't be moving there for the next few months, he only visits on weekends mostly for now. I lost this ring August 2nd, just about a week or two after we got engaged.

    Please let me know if you get anything else 🙂 Reiki awaits you 😉



  • Hi lunarale

    I can do these word association readings with one of my decks. What happens is I do a reading and note the sequence of letters that show up. I did a reading for you, and came up with some interesting words, so hopefully this statement/words may trigger something in your thinking that will spark an idea or something so we find your ring!

    Some of this will be free-form, so just wait to see what anything might trigger for you:

    I A G R Y (z) K Y L • HE • EQ(u) • • G T L Q G J

    IAGRY KYL - HE this has something to do with the wedding or the proposal, the words I am getting are

    I AGREE and "kill" HE as in HE is saying til death do us part.

    KILL also triggered "Crime of passion" as a key

    Or it could be "angry" Kyle... He...


    or Viagra ha ha

    also... IN GREASE

    and the last sequence... GLOW and LOG jam

    Another word that showed up was EQ and in equal or equalizer...

    and JUSTICE (scales)

    and then another sequence...

    L • A Y R N • N A (white) • C L E P • Y (z) B G J G W (x) M O D L

    From this I only got a person's name like lyrynna.

    and Larynx as in TALKING... and CREEPY and BIG JUG WTIH MODEL

    I drew the Six of Cups which is a card of children with flowers... Maybe the flower girl?


    a last sequence from which I extracted the words


    Does any of that help or triger some new ideas to where to look?

    I also have prayed to St. Anthony who is the patron saint of finding lost things. Have you prayed to him? Couldn't hurt!



  • oh my.. Iyrynna is awefully close to my mom's name - Irina. Gift week.. flowers.. We had a little "buyout" ceremony before the groom can claim the bride and the theme was "flowers" and my mom was definitely carrying flowers all around. I'm going to see if maybe she can come over and look for it once more? Although it might be harder now that i have more stuff at my house after the wedding and general time passing. I'll keep you posted! My mom was going to come search the house at some point but never got around to it.. I'll definitely get her to do it now! Will let you know within a few hours!

  • So I tried looking into the places I thought it might be hiding at, particularly where these flowers may have been, or where I keep the stuff for plants, and such, but still nothing. Would it be possible to draw cards just enough for one sentence with the intention that it would be the best most helpful hint possible? That way maybe we could narrow down the search even more if the guides can make a cumulative sentence?

  • Have you asked TheCaptain? She is good at locating things.


  • Hmm.... Well, Captain, if you are out there and have any ideas, this lady could sure use it. I thank you in advance.

    I tried another sentence and here is what I got:

    P(v) •(2W) I J R F L H G • W(x) • L N C D H M S M I N J W (x) J J • J •

    The first dot represented the Two (2) of Wands which somehow got mixed in with this deck from another deck. So I am getting that the ring is mixed in with other things... like between a P and the IJRFLHG (whatever that is) - between plants and the floor

    (Does that spark any ideas? I will say this much lunarale as long as we don't give up the ring will turn up.)

    Some possible words I got out of this was "the ring is mixed in with the Pitcher on the floor"

    "rolling on the floor" ...

    then the rest seems to say "with lunch" - museum, minute missin .. I think that is 'missing' ... and then a sequence of J's really strong. Is there someone who is "J" that you know that might have it for some reason?

    With J?

    So, the best sentence I can make out of this is

    Peek / peer / pee (lol) in the jar by the flooring where lunch missing J with J J J

    So the ring is mixed in with all of this. Solve this and I bet you find the ring.

    The J sequence was emphasized.

    Then... i tried to post this and temporarily lost the internet connection and though, I know I lost what I had typed up... then I was able to restore the connection and hit the back button and my response was still here... so that seems another message from the angels that the ring is here, and is not lost.

  • So we did a search party with my mom. Checked in between where I store the vase my ex Jenya gave me (the J there) and the floor and that would be around the fridge and nothing. Also checked all around the sink U drain (mine kind of looks like a reversed J rather than a U) and around all the stuff I keep in that cupboard. We checked the drain earlier as well (closer to the time when it went missing) and didn't find anything. Now the drain is leaking a little because we must not have wound it up tight enough so we'll have another look-see this weekend. And I even tried to use a pendulum (which I'm terrible at apparently) to see if it would be in any one of the jars I store grains in and it said yes for one of them and I found nothing there after sifting through it.

    So I think for the time being I may need to stop and try to let it go... Truly a pity but it looks like it doesn't want to come back to me yet.

    AstraAngel, could you please email me at and I'll let you know how the Reiki distant treatment is going to go. I appreciate your effort and want to do something in return 🙂 Talk to you soon hopefully.

  • THanks Lunarale

    I sent you an email thanks.

    I am not giving up on your ring, maybe at some point we could talk about it on the phone and you can kind of walk my through the sequence of events leading up to the disappearance and that might help. I am pretty good with "recreating" the chain of events and that could help identify some new possibilities



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