Very confused :S

  • I got into a releonship two weeks ago, but it didn't work out he was way too young and immature for me and made my feel paranoid for certain reasons, so i broke it off a couple of days, eventhough i miss him, i've had my eye on someone else for a while and finally picked up the courage to find out their name to add them on a social network site (facebook), then we swopped numbers, we also went on a date the following day and it was perfect, I'm confused to where this is going to go cause eventhough im kind of hurt and still thinking about my last releonship i wan't to go ahead and see where this will go can anyone give me any kind of reading into this and some advice please? xoxoxo

  • Two weeks is not a relationship. You are only fixated on what might have been with this other younger guy. It didn't work so give all your attention to your present love life, and not the past. Start afresh with new hopes each time.

  • thanks captain, can you give me any insight on this new boy?

  • Do you have anything from which I can pick up his vibes - a photo or birthdate?

  • Younger men DO have a certain appeal, but let's face reality here, gals. If he makes you feel uncomfortable for ANY reason, that is a perfectly acceptable reason to break off seeing him. Our gut feelings are always the most accurate, even when we'd like to give people a second chance; our instincts are often more accurate than our emotions.


    There is a photo Captain^ I did try uploads but had trouble with doing so x

    Very true Firefly, I didn't trust him and I know I have trust issues so I didn't know if I was just being paranoid, But I had reasons to think these things, So it was for the best, as you say gut Instinct tells you alot. xxx

  • I do feel this guy can be all about what HE wants, rather than anyone else. I feel he may also be too immature and irresponsible for you. But there is something about these young men that you are drawn to, because they make you feel safe to be with them, rather than an older man.

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