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    "Thank you Heaven for enlightening Janet with the answers she needs..."

    Your charts -

    You - Aquarius and North node is there also (life path) so you are Aquarius from beginning to end. You have a LOT of bodies jammed up in Capricorn next door... Merc, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus. Holy smokes! And then you have the Moon opposite this traffic jam in Cancer. My sense then is that you are desperate for a home life and would give your right arm to be able to settle down today. Chiron is also in Cancer and Jupiter, So while you would love this home and security setting, something keeps interfering with that desire somehow.

    This is rather an extreme configuration, I can see that someone special for you is important. So you messaged him... what did you ask? "What are your feelings about me, and have you started shopping for a ring yet?" haha.

    Let's look at what he provides...

    He has his Jupiter in Aquarius so you feel empowered around him. He brings out the best in your Aquarian dreamy, misty personality.

    He doesn't have much going on in Capricorn (thank goodness!) and this is another reason you are attracted to him. He does have Neptune there, so that places the focus on the Dreaminess of that sign (aspirations and visions of success), which reflects your aquarian nature... which suits you nicely.

    Ah, he shares your Moon in Cancer, so the emotional energy of home, family, security is something you share with him. Emotionally you are very empathetic with each other.

    He is an Aries with Mercury and Venus there, so his style of relationship is a little more heated than yours. Once he decides though he will be very intensely devoted. With Venus there, you can be sure that he will be all about love.

    You both have Pluto in Scorpio so there is transformative energy available for the two of you, and it allows you to become dedicated to causes and purposes that are important to you both.

    The one issue I can see is that his Venus is at Square with yours. So this can present some challenges at times in love. The only challenge I can see there is that when you two run into troubles in love, you may want to run to that home-Cancer-Moon energy for relief. Like, "hey, I know we are having some challenges in our relationship... why don't we go the mall and buy some more furniture for the house?" Not going to help. no way. You will be challenged at times to work out your relationship and stay there until you press through. Lock the house, go for a drive or a long weekend and let someone else watch the kids (2). You have to keep Venus happy.

    With all of that activity in CAPRICORN for you, I'll bet you are pretty wild in career and work related issues. I am guessing that between wanting to be a doctor or an astronaut, you also wanted to be a librarian, and then for a while you wanted to join the Peace Core. I think your only hope is to find a great guy who can relieve you of all that, so you can be the lovely lady who is so happy at home and with your children, I could see you very happy there. It just takes the right guy. Hopefully he make a good income.

    Okay, now a reading on you and Rocco... let's see what the cards say...

    1. The present status of the relationship - Five of Pentacles - a holding pattern. Your message stopped him in his tracks and he is trying to decide how best to respond. There are material concerns as well, he is projecting his own future, career and work, against your wishes and trying to decide whether or not it can work.

    2. How you feel about him emotionally - The Chariot - you are ready to be swept off your feet, and this Chariot is your Carriage. Your feelings for him are not under your control at this point. You are under a heavenly energy that has you connected to him, and this is serving higher purpose. Your feelings for him are very strong and direction-driven, as in... I really, really, really eally, really, really eally, really, really eally, really, really want to know where we are heading! This Chariot is going somwhere and I can't see where that is! Well, that is the Chariot... you are being carried somewhere and you may NOT know exactly where.

    3. How he feels about you emotionaly - The Page of Cups - Very sweet! He really, really, really eally, really, really eally, really, really eally, really, really likes you a lot. The energy here is innocent and pure, his heart is pure and he has noble intentions toward you. He thinks the world of you. There is more going on with him than you realize. His Aries personality may be blocking some honest communication toward you, I think his Moon at square with his Venus is creating some confusion for him, so he wants to tell you he loves you and sees something nice for the two of you, however he is frustrated from trying to come right out and say it. That is the Moon square Venus.

    4. Your intentions with him - the King of Wands - you want to crown him King of your life, and that Wand of his you are very interested in as it represents his ability to help you make choices in life (which answers to all of that unsettled energy in CAPRICORN). That wand also has strong sxeual connotations so there is some intensity there. Just a little. haha. You would love to see him show up at your house with big chair and his royal robe and announce "I'm moving in!" You would roll out the red carpet.

    5. His intentions with you - drum roll please... Ten of Swords - OH NO! What in the world does this mean? Well, I'll tell you what it means. My card shows a woman with a bunch of swords stuck in her. Three guesses what these swords represent and the first three don't count. You are what... 21? And he is 26? And you both have your Moons in Cancer? And he has Jupiter in Cancer? Uh... its called how soon can we start making babies? is what I am getting. He is trying to weigh all of that out. I don't think he will weigh anything out, his hormones (and yours) are calling the shots here (Chariot). Good luck achieving anything like rationality with you two at this point. I think you will be starting a family probably before this reading is over.

    6. Advice - I don't know, start picking out baby names? Page of Wands. You are advised to communicate back and forth, however you can't force him to reply. You are holding the wand of communication here, and so you have a responsibility to be patient (I know its hard), and to give him time to respond. Either that or YOU go shopping for a ring and propose to him today. Why is it always the guy that has to do that? Why can't the girls do it too? I have never been able to figure that out. Propose and see what he says. What can it hurt? What, it shows how mad in love you are with him? How can that be wrong? What, you would risk getting hurt? Hey, you have that risk every day you are alive.

    Either that or just move in together and start a family. I can't tell you that's "okay" though, you have to pray about that. Some religions are opposed to that sort of thing. I dunno, sounds like fun to me however I am not a priest. I could pretend to be one though. You two want to get married over the internet, I can handle that for you no problem. I'll help you with the vows and everything.

    Your first child with him will be a son.

    Okay Janet, did that give you something to think about? 🙂

    Love and love,


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