Hi astraangel :)

  • can you help me do a reading i heard you are very accurate with your readings

    me janet tam feb 7 1990

    rocco karmir zar march 29 85

    where are we headed his intentions etc

    ive messaged him asking about what he thinks about me... he still hasnt responded ( 1 day ago haha)

    many thanks

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  • He needs to see something different about you as compared to all those other girls. Write him a real letter (like with paper and pen, you remember those don't you?) and include something personal in it, a pressed flower, or a pic of you in it.

    Write him from your heart, tell him what he means to you, and don't worry about whether he will respond or not. Write him a real letter and say something like...

    Dearest Rocco -

    It has been a while now sense I messaged you, and I haven't heard back. At first I was a little hurt, however I have had time to think about it and I feel this is for the best.

    I want you to know that you are a beautiful man to me, and the times we have shared were really special. I always felt I had a soul partner with you. Did you feel that too?

    So I decided to write you this letter and open my heart to you, and tell you how I really feel. Rocco, I believe we really have something, and I know that you feel the same way. I could tell you were a little scared though, and I want you to know that I am aware of that. And I understand. I have been the same way about love.

    Sometimes it takes two people who are both scared, to come together in a special way to comfort one another. And whenever you're ready, I believe we can find our special place - again.

    Love and friendship,


    That is only a suggestion, however you could copy it and it will work just fine. WRITE him this real letter, with those words, and you will see him in your life in a very sweet way before you know it. Think of this as a little "love potion letter".

    Find something personal of yours to included... I suggested a pressed flower, it can be anything, a little ribbon, or anything that means something to you.

    Blessings to you yukiyu. His birthdate doesn't matter, you really care about him, and he is also very enchanted by you. He is scared is all. Stay sweet and never be afraid of pouring your heart out to him, or any man in your life. You can never go wrong being honest and being yourself.

    Love and happiness in your love life,


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