One simple questiona.

  • I thank you for reading my post 😃

    my ex BF invited me out this friday night to the local casino. question is: will we both be nice to eachother and enjoy eachothers accompamy? I ask because just days ago we both got in to a big mess with eachtoher due to my recent ex BF.

    My ex-ex want to continue with the plans we made prier.

    I thank you ahead of time


  • well dear...Im confused.

    Im afraid that if two bulls keep vying over a female someone is going to get hurt.

    Maybe it's time to tell both of them that you aren't ready for a boyfriend ....just friends to hang out with, because you dont want to hurt anyone.

    If you want to be free to see whom you wish without the arguments, do not offer a one on one relationship.

    Keep it light girlfirend!

    Then be honest with them

    Honor your word. If you made plans...honor your plans with the person you made a committment to first.

    Keep your eyes open and be aware of where you are going and with who.

    Trust your intuition and let it be your guide.

    Be honest with yourself and others and expect the same honesty in return.

  • HI Patchlove,

    I was afraid of what could of happen on friday since we all had such a big problem. anyhow, that was last friday and everything went very well. We had a lot of fun and danced the night away. My recent ex whom called my ex from years ago was the one whom ended up hurting the most from this drama. I think mainly because he found out i was taling to my ex from years ago ( he found his number and called him)

    My ex from years ago agreed to just be friends. well, i guess friends with benefits. Why was I okay with that? because i wanted him in my life. this is the man that left me and broke my heart.... anyhow, for the first time he starts talking about traveling together, and doing more things like going out to the snow... But Im ready to let go and move on. Im ready to find a man whom i can have a serious relationship with and if all goes well, get married. well, thats life.. 😃

    thank you for responding to my post.

    BIG hugs,


  • Yayyy!!!!!

    Good Job!!!

    One thing...please don't be "friends with benefits" with anyone when you do begin your search for the true love to come into your life.

    Sharing intimacy with another man puts forth an energy that you aren't ready for that special someone to come along.You must free yourself completely.

    From that place you will better recognize someone who is also ready.

    I so wish you the best of all things sweetoty.

    May God guide you through his love to the place of joy and peace in a loving relationship.

    Huggins back at you!!



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