Shuabby could please give me some insight

  • can u tell me if M. will talk to me again and forgive me?

    Are we going to be together again in about an year, does he love me?

    Do you see me in a new job in a few months a permanent one, its cuse were iam now it seems that nothing happens and i really want to stay there?

    Thank you

  • Hello Ninapisces ,

    I have only recently started to use my Abilities , but would like to try and give you some Insight in regards to your Questions you have post for Shuabby , that's if you would like me to as well . But by all means If Shuabby gets in to give their Insight on things , no worries .

    Take Care and God Bless You

  • Hi Doves46, please try you are most welcome, by the way what kind of abilities are you developing?

    Thank you, blessings.

  • Hello Ninapisces ,

    Thank You for allowing me to try to answer your question . I have been working on Communicating with my Spirit Guides and Angels to be of Service to others :-). Your question in regards to a New Job is the one that I am been drawn to the most at this time .

    I am getting the month April as to when a New Job may come to you . The word (Mill) also came to mind . That could mean that the Job you could get may be on a Street named Mill or have( Mill) in it or(Mill) is in the name of the Place you could get the job at . Just keep your eye out for that . Does that make any sense to you ?

    I would also like to say that nothing is written in Stone and it is all about Freewill .It is up to You what You feel is good for you in regards to any information you receive . I hope this information will of some help to you .

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


  • Hi Doves you are really coming synchronized with your spirit guides (yeahhh, congrats), Yes the word mil have a huge sense to me it’s one of the letters that I use in my professional email address. At least that means that Im not going back to my old job (yuppi), the prob. Is where Am I going to work cuse a lot of other organizations have the same email address? Do you see me earning more money or the same? Or working with papers and phones?

    Right now, I must be honest im more worried about the other issue, cuse I don’t have too much time to try to solve things between us, i dont want us to come apart at least without continue to talk with each other as friends. Cuse is leaving and I don’t know when but its going to be pretty soon and his very upset and hurt with me and I cant live knowing that, but I want to know if its worth it for me try once again for us to be ok. Can you ask you guides, please?

    Thank you u are a true blessing.

  • Hello Ninapisces/Vaniav . I see that you changed your Nic , so I wasn't really sure which one you wanted to be referred to . So I put both lol . Sorry it's taken me a bit to get back to you . Life gets busy with Work and just life in General .

    Well , I put Your question out to my Guides in regards to Your Relationship matters with M , and this is what I heard . (Time Away ) whether that mean M needs time away or you both need time away from each other . I also head the word (Seeing) , which could mean that you may see M again before this Time Away or after . Then I heard the word (Resolve) that things will get Resolved and will Work out the way they ARE suppose to in the end . I ask my Guides a couple time just to be sure and was given the same answer . Does that make sense to you ? .Let me know either way .

    I will have to get back to you on your Question about your Job on another day . Things are a bit busy here and I like to take my time and not rush any of the information I am getting . Which I am sure you can appreciate . Like I had mentioned before . Life is all about Free Will and any information you get or are given is just a Guide Line and what you do with is totally up to you and what you feel most comfortable with . ^A^

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


  • Hi Doves,

    1st of all i want to explain why I have to nics its cuse I can’t login at the forum as Nina at work only as Vania, till now don’t know why, sorry about that.

    2nd you don’t need to apologize I know life can get very busy, I totally understand that. I do appreciate you dedicating your time to me.

    Time away means that his leaving the place I live for good, his leaving this November, and we are not talking to each other and things never got clarified between us, until today I never knew what he felt or feels for me, I think he doesn’t too. I have so many doubts about this man especially why he showed up in my life trust me I really didn’t need this.

    I’m going thru a phase in my life that I don’t understand, I feel so lost so disappointed with myself and that I disappointed so many people that truly love me and I don’t want to do that anymore. Because of this man I started not to care about anything material, started to pay attention to myself, what I want and need, and also realized that we can’t judge others that we have to accept them and forgive them if we have too. That everything as stupid as it seems have a purpose. God put me this man in my life for a reason He did it in a wrong way but I think it was to get me closer to Him.

    I’ve been looking for answers why I’m having premonitions, why sometimes im awake from my sleep with no reason by a voice telling me things that I don’t know and when I look they are true, what is happening to me? I’m going crazy,,lol.

    Guess what yesterday for no reason a girl (I think she´s a lil crazy) told me I can see that you are a powerful medium, you have to start talking to God and ask him help to guide you with your gift. To start I don’t have a gift and 2nd Im very disappointed with Him, lol

    Sorry for this long txt, can you ask your guides what is happening to me?

    Im being a nag, but I feel that I can trust you and for some reason you connect with me, thank you so much for that and your help you are really blessed.

  • Hello Ninapisces ,

    Just popping in for a few seconds , I seen you last reply and will try to get to it as soon as i can . I just want to ask you about this . Does the word (Cereal) mean anything to you . I know funny question . The Reason why I asked is because when I ask my Guides about your Job , that is one of the words that popped in my head . lol Anyway , just thought I would ask . Maybe it was related to something else . Does that make sense to you ?

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


  • HI Doves, Take the time you need i will come here once in a while to see if you post it.

    Im sorry Doves but Im hoping that you are wrong on this one about the cereal thing, cuse the 1st thing that poped out in mind was my previous job as a cashier register/stocker were we seel a lot of cereals. I will explain: Right now im working in customer service replacing a guy while is sick, his coming back August next year, when he comes back i have to go back to my previous job in sales (thank God I have one). But i really dont want to go back there 1st cuse that place is no longer what it use to be and I have a back problem that its going to get worst if i continue to do this type of work, 2nd Im going to earn less money again and with the Troika (economic European law) thing i need to earn more money to pay my morgage and help my family and 3rd in that place i can be fired again due the economic situation, as you can see i do not have any kind of wish to go back there, lol. But its better to have a job than not having one.

    You too take care, blessings.

  • Hello Vaniav ,

    Well I asked my Guides about you having to go back to your other job and the information I received was (Desk) and timekeeper . Do you type any type of scheduling along with the Customer Service job you are presently doing ? Or maybe there is a job coming to you with that type of position .

    I also hear the word (Whole) My Guide seem to just give me ( single words) as appose to sentences lol . Now when I think of (Whole) I think of a whole glass or full . So maybe that means you will continue to do that job your are at now on a full time bases or getting a new full time job else where . I am not really sure . I also heard ( do your job well.) . Anyway . that is what I have heard and I do hope that will be of some comfort to you . oh I also heard ..50% . Now that could mean you are making or will be making 50% more in wages where you are at now or at a new position . Not really sure on that . Does any of this make sense to you ? Let me know either way .:-)

    I also wanted to ask if you have dark hair ? I had a vision of a Lady with Dark Hair and they were walking into an office that was on Street level . Just thought I would ask .

    Have a good day and evening .

    Take Care and God Bless You ^A^


  • Must tell you that today I had the most crappie day ever, found out that M is leaving sooner than I expected and seems that im gonna lost him forever, but well its life.

    When I read what you wrote my heart just bright out, Im sorry but right now I just love you and your guides so much, you brought light into my life,lol.

    I work in a desk, with a computer all day, I schedule work orders with customers and our shops, Im not a timekeeper but I do my own time sheet, but I know people that do that and they earn more money than me.

    Do your job well,, well I have a friend that is a very good friend of the guy in charge of hiring and putting everyone permanent in there he told me that my boss told him that Im going to stay there in a different position, that is trying to create that position for me. But he also told me once that they couldn’t put in there so I have my doubts.

    I try my best to do my job well, no matter what job I have, I have proud in my work even when I was a custodial I felt pride in being one.

    50% I really hope that its what you think it is, but in my point of view maybe means that Im not giving myself a 100% right now, my mind and heart are so far away and everybody is noticing that Im bloom, its so hard to put a smile when our heart is bleeding.

    Yes I do have dark hair my hair is dark brown and long a little bit under the shoulders, and yes my building is street level.

    I love this forum but theres one thing that p´ses me off is the fact that we cant give our e-mails

    everybody complains about it, with an email i could explain to you so much.

    You are awsome Doves you are really conected with me, thank you 🙂


  • Hello Ninapisces ,

    Well I am so very glad that I have brought some Light Into you Life !! I am also so very Grateful that you allow me to read for you . I Thank You for that !! . I feel very Blessed to do so .I was totally Amazed by it all . I was like wow wow wow . especially when I had that vision of You and You confirmed it and all the other details . I love my Guides too . I feel guided to give you some words of Wisdom in regards to your job . I feel it would in your best interest to put a Smile on that Beauty Face of Yours . It will take you far in regards to your Job .

    You see , when one does not smile it send out negative vibes and then you get them right back ,which makes you feel stuck .It is basically the Law of Attraction . So in saying all of that , If you start smiling more at work , people will want to be around you more and will want you to be around . They will look forward to seeing You and Your smiling face . It can make someone else day a little brighter . Give it a try for even a week and see what kind of response you get . Even a simple Good Morning with a Smile or Have a good Evening when you leave work is Great !

    Thank the Good Lord for everyday that has been given you and all the Abundance you have in our life and all that is coming to you and for your Angels . I would also like to say a word about your Relationship issues with M. It is not your Fault that things ended , nor is it M's Fault either . it is all part of your life's plan and Life's Lessons . He came into Your life for you to learn a Lesson and You came into his for Him to a learn a lesson . This was all planned before you were even born . I do remember you saying you had learned a lot about yourself after you met M . right ? All is divinely Guided . So send Lots of Love and Light our to M as he goes on to the next phase or Lesson in his life and wish him well . Even if it just in your mind and Look forward to the next path in life that is waiting for you . ^A^

    Well My Guides are telling me that I must move on for now , Feel free to let me know how things work out for You and Your Beautiful Smile .Just come back to this post alrighty .

    Take Care and God Bless You and Your Family ^A^


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