Help! I need a quick reading

  • If someone could do a reading for me, I would appreciate it. I was just on facebook and noticed that my boyfriend defriended me. I wont have a chance to talk to him til tomorrow. i need some answers

  • Five of Wands - He is battling something in spirit. This says there is a shift of energies affecting him in spirit and visionary ways and it is causing him some confusion.

    The Hierophant - He is weighing something out about you, something that was said or written that caused him to pull back. An analysis of a situation that you thought was done with, over, settled. Apparently it wasn't.

    Ace of Pentacles - this seems to say that matters will settle out soon enough, a new understanding, a new footing, a new basis on which to build. I would not be too concerned, he is dealing with that Hierophant energy, Major Arcana so that can through you for a loop. Pray for him, wish him positive power and purpose and passion.

    This is when he find out whether or not he has someone who truly cares about him, or is going to freak out. Show yourself calm and nonchalant and let is pass, he befriended you, so what. Your friendship is centered in SPIRIT not Facebook.

    Blessings, patience and love. I wouldn't say a word about it. That will speak volumes to him.


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